View Full Version : I have an idea

08-08-2008, 03:25 PM
I have a friend who said he will help me the material and tools I need for theses builds I want to do. The catch is he wants the second bike I make to be for him.

He likes the idea of the loderunner but hot its looks so he asked me to come up with some else he like the tad pole.

So what I am thinking could I make the tad pole with a higher seat. and a metal cage from the back of the seat. This is where I put a rack over the back wheel so that it has cages hanging off a frame around the back wheel and you would load on either side and put the big stuff on top of it all. My question is would I have to use a 20" or a 26". Also should I use two wheels on the back end they would be in tandem with one of the wheels prob the first one to be the power wheels. Does this make since and if it does whats your take on this idea?