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05-17-2017, 09:48 AM
I'll try not to do typical "Newbie" things and be redundant.

I'm and old Fart, afraid to ride 2-wheelers any more, and really am "jonesing" for a Tadpole Trike. Problem is, I have a champaign taste and beer budget. So, I figure my first option is to build one. I'm a pretty handy guy, have lots of tools, and am 2 weeks out from a Total Shoulder replacement. Doing really well and feel like maybe in a few weeks, I'll be able to start assembling parts. Then, start building. Even if, and when, I get the money for a new one, it would be great fun to build one.

There is a really great source for any kinds of Aluminum stock you can imagine, up in Henderson, CO (about 45 minutes North of me) Called ALRECO. So, I would like to use Aluminum for the frame. I really want to do a Bolted Alum frame. I have found the Tri-bolt web site, with a lot of info, but recently discovered this great site, so this will pretty much be my "go-to" source.

Any help, insights, etc, etc, will be greatly appreciated. I would love to find someone close who is a Trike builder. PM's would work, and I checked the "ok to e-mail me" button.

Best Regards,

Keith / anvilmanco

05-17-2017, 12:31 PM
Hi Keith and welcome to the madness...... err fun from me over here in the UK.
I had an open shoulder op last November and from a pain perspective it was worse than my total hip replacement and it took me 3 months to get back to normal but I'm as a old as dirt.
So if you are back to normal after 2 weeks then that's wonderful.

Aluminium is great but requires re-tempering (heat annealing) after welding so you need access to a bike-sized oven that you can bake the finished frame in for a few hours.

You will find most folks here build in mild-steel as it has no such requirement for tempering.
The plans are very comprehensive and will deliver you a working recumbent trike (delta or tadpole). Armed with what we have learnt here some of us have gone "Off-Piste" and are doing our own thing (just because we can).
You will find that the community is very helpful and we do love pictures of your builds.

05-17-2017, 04:01 PM
Another welcome from the UK, 40mm square 1.5mm or 16g is one of the most forgiving materials for a trike frame, it is relatively cheap , welds well and many home builds have been constructed with this.

We are a friendly lot on here and will try where possible to help , we all love photos, take your time and choose your build , the multi pack of plans ate value for money , by mixing and matching a hi spec trike can be built .

Our 20/20 tadpole e-trikes are built from a variation of a streetfox with the warrior USS and disc brakes added .
This has made us a couple of versatile trikes , with the added extra of electric assist for the times the going gets tough,
Current project is a folding trike that will fit in the back of my new estate car.

Regards emma