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06-08-2018, 06:48 PM
Hi all !

I'm from France, so I'll do my best to write understandeable messages but my English is not super good :P ! Google-trad/20.

I love bike since a long time, as a sport, but I tend to use it more and more like a transport and a utility. Which mean more bikes in the garage !

I define myself as a kind of "MacGyver", miser, with too much ideas in the same time ^^ !
It's been a while that I thinked about make my own bikes, but welding was too much expensive and I had no skills for it. I gave a try recently, with a litttle inverter welder, some steel profiles, cheap donor bike. Spend a lot of time, some arc flashes in the eyes (lol), but sometimes I think it's one of the most interesting thing I've never done.

I'm still a beginer in welding, but I'm going well with 3D softwares and manual tools (files,...).

My 1st DIY bike is a tank cargo. A trike/VM is in development, I think too about some folding bikes, and an Omnium-like. But I need some advices for conception, and a better way to weld (cheaply, of course !).

Thanks for your welcome ;) !

06-08-2018, 10:31 PM
Hi and welcome.

One of the good things about technology is hearing from folks around the globe.
Do not worry too much about your English. English can be a difficult language, with crazy spellings. It is the only language I know at all, and still have trouble with spelling.

For sure spend some time learning to weld. Welding can open up a new way of seeing things. Don't need to be the best welder or make the best looking welds to be
able to make welds strong enough to hold things together.
I've been welding for 45 years and still use a grinder to make things smooth.

It is possible to make pretty welds with careful preparation.
It is also possible to just weld stuff together quick like and clean it up after.

Think of it like metal glue. Or like sewing metal. Just like a sewing machine makes many small stitches to join things together, so can a welder make many small welds
that end up holding things together.


06-09-2018, 01:03 PM
You Tube is a good reference for learning to weld , we have all been there at some time ,
I was a lucky one with a patient friend as a "teacher " Took me a few months to master the art .... That was a few trikes ago !

welcome to the forum from the UK (where english is flogged to death !)

regards emma

06-10-2018, 12:17 PM
I've seen tutorials on Youtube, videos aren't always correct (lack of protections, bad explanations,...) but they are a good wayt to begin. Though it's still better to have an experienced friend/parent to correct your mistakes. Sadly I haven't it...

I've weld quite a lot to build my cargo but my weld are still perfectible. However, it's rather thin metal for a MMA welder so I can't put so much intensity, and it not forgive mistakes => direct hole.

@Bkentr: do a lot of small welds seems to be a good way to have a strong weld on thin metal with MMA. I haven't try for the moment (anyway you can't do long welds due to overheat) but I plan to do.

06-10-2018, 01:27 PM
Here is a little pic of my cargo
Did about 100km with it, apart the climbs it rode like a charm.

(I can't edit my previous message ?)

06-10-2018, 10:13 PM
So if you did about 100 km on that it proves your welds are strong enough to hold things together.

They can be cleaned up with a grinder, and smoothed out with a flap disk on the same grinder.

The "lots of small welds" is to overcome the heat build up in the thin metal.

06-11-2018, 06:56 AM
I've grind some welds but it was more to check them penetration than for the look. I prefer ugly but strong welds than slick but weak ones. They are really embossed because I can't put the normal amperage.

06-11-2018, 09:56 AM
Neat looking ride, bud.

06-11-2018, 10:04 AM
Pictures have no need of translation- Looks like it did the job you needed to do. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to the fun.

Radical Brad
06-11-2018, 08:24 PM
Nice work on the hauler, thanks for the pic.


06-12-2018, 06:45 AM
Thanks :D

The cargo do the job, but I'm a little disapointed about it load tolerance, passed ~140lbs (pilot not included) the ride become hazardous; it's rather low compared to a Douze or a Bullit. But with 80-120lbs it work well.
I'm looking to replace the aluminium tube (with a yellow tissue) with a steel one, to close the front frame and gain rigidity.