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11-15-2008, 08:58 PM
I have just 4 welding classes left. My welds looked like crap until I showed my prof the picture of the loderunner so starting today he brought in a smaller flux core welder not the big industrial mig welders the rest of the class needs. He said he thought about it and really felt I was wasting my time and since I paid for the class and I want to learn to weld I should learn with the machine I prob will use. The rest of the class are professional welders and are taking the class to get another certificate so they can charge or get paid more. I am the only newbie.

I will be getting the first alotment of my student loan and I am going to buy myself a new puter, printer and supplies and with some of whats left I will be buying some of the supplies the first of next month. and should be able to get the rest next term and statr building this summer maybe spring time but I may be overloaded that term and school does come first.

After I buy my computer system I should have enough left over to buy some of my material for the bike. Prob mostly tools and materials next term.

Well that it for now i tried saying something a liitle while ago but i dont think it went through so thanks to every one and you all will be hereing from me more often the first of next month

11-17-2008, 12:54 PM
Hi every body how are your projects going? No big probs I hope? I think every Zombie Krew Member should paint all bikes and trailors made PURPLE it is the color of royalty and we will conquer the world!!!!!

I will have about $300 after I buy my computer system and buy wood for this winter what items should I buy first I have a dream sheet but to be honest I dont really need all that stuf it would just be really kool and make the build faster. So any input on where I should start spening my loot.

Another question. I have never road a bent and it looks like I wont be able to actaully start the build until March of next year. That is because I asked the bank I got my student loan from to spread it over the three terms not summer just fall, winter and spring. What my question is would it be a good idea to either buy a used or a new (I am thinking maybe a sun EZ# usx) or should I just wait until my is built.

Any help on these two things would be a great help. I am going to buy a digcamera with the money also but that is because my MOM may all six of us kids promise to start taking pictures of our selves and what things we are doing so she can sit at night when she feels llonely (DAD passed away in April of this year) and look at her pics of us kids and grand kids and great grand kids. I know she is pulling a guilt trip on all of us but personally she should we all are not good at taking pics and we all thought about it and we only had about 40 pics of my DAD to make a powerpoint presentation at his celebration of life ceramony. She says this way we can have lots of pics of us when it our celebration. It kinda sounds a bit morbid but I help with DADs and it was hard to fill up the time alotted. So we all got together and agreed that we all would do it more often and send MOM a copy of the pics.

If you can't tell I absolutely love and cherish my parents and my brothers and sisters. Through all the **** I put them through no one in my family ever gave up on me so I am going to do my oaret.

This means you all will be getting lots of pics of my builds.

Hope to hear from as many of you as possible.

Odd Man Out
11-17-2008, 10:46 PM
Another question. I have never road a bent and it looks like I wont be able to actaully start the build until March of next year. What my question is would it be a good idea to either buy a used or a new (I am thinking maybe a sun EZ# usx) or should I just wait until my is built.

As a fellow Oregonian, my advice would be as follows: Do not buy a recumbent. This is for a couple reasons; 1. The sun EZ series are dogs especially and specifically and 2. The weather is already closing down here until early March so you will have spent your money for nada and 3. Why spend money on a recumbent when you are going to spend money to build a recumbent??? I guess if you got a great deal on a used Greenspeed GTO (good luck for under 2K...) you could enjoy the ride and then cannibalize it for parts later but anything less (Especially a Sun product) is going to make yourself kick yourself for spending the money -- just my zwei phennigs :)
Hope this helps.

11-18-2008, 09:15 AM
Yup. I've ridden one of those Sun EX Deltas...I could roll it in a heartbeat!! Not for me, I agree with OMO!!

11-18-2008, 01:39 PM
I agree with the other posts. Wait and build your own. There is nothing like the feeling you get when people stop you and ask about your bike and you can answer their questions because you did something most of them will never do. Build something yourself. Not to mention the money you will save.

Also, I remember reading someone's post that when you buy a 'store bought' bike you will be hesitant to customize it. When you build it yourself if something isn't how you like it after riding awhile you just 'fix-it' or change it to your own idea of comfort, function, or style.


11-19-2008, 12:52 PM
This is why I like this group! Thats because I was thinking about doing something that I wasn't sure about and I had you all respond fairly quickly and remind of the real reason I have joined this group and why I have bought plans for 2 different bikes and why I am taking a welding class at school when my degree is tobe an office manager in a medical clnic. Not much welding going on there! HEHEHE

After see all the responses I agree and remember why so I am not going to buy a premade bent but wait for the one I build myself. There that just saved a 1000 bucks. For my first build I am going to follow the instructions to the T see how that goes and then start customizing it. I allready have ideas of what I want to add on and do differently but I will wait and see how to do it first before changing something that in reallity isng wrong at all.

I am going to talk to the proffessor incharge of the welding classes this week or next week and tell him an idea mt brother and I have for some classes here at chemeketa cc. They have 4 welding styles they teach here. Each is set up so that you get certified for that style. They have no class for just hobbiests. So I am going to ask him to consider starting a class for people who would be welding in their garages and not on the big 220 migs or the really powerfull welders because they would be using smaller machines like flux core. I imagine the classes to be a combo of fabricationg and welding where you can learn to weld on house holdmachines and learn how to use the tools that apply to working with metal. I think have the first term learning the tools and cutting the pieces need for the project the second term learning to weld and actaully puting together the project they have in mind and maybe the third term on how to finish the projects painting chroming add on pieces. I am not sure what will happen but hell it might actaully turn out and then I could build my bike with really good tools and have my bike faster. I have already gave him a copy of the first page of this site that showes the bikes and scooters and he said he was really interested in them. So I might have set it up to where the students who want to build one will buy the plans and build their bikes too.

Well thats all for now again thanks to evryone and I should be able to send my first pic of the very beginning of my build in about 2 or 3 weeks but be gentle on me I will still be online and in about 1 and a half to 2 weeks I should have my own puter so I will be online more often and asking even more questions.

12-04-2008, 12:59 PM
Well Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't be able to get any of the material needed for my loderunner. I also won't be able to get any of the stuff I need for school until jan or feb.

Why that is when I got seriously sick in 2000 I applied to deferrer payments on my student loan. They denied me so I let it go into default well when I decide to go to school because I was healthy enough to go I started making payments again so now I am out of default and another company has bought my loan from the dept of education and they have defrred it until 6 months after I graduate.

Well now the northwest educational loan service who is incharge of all student loans after they go through sallie mac. well they are demanding a form from my doctor saying I am able to go back to work. The prob is she is 50 miles away. I only get about $20 or $30 amonth after i pay all bills and buy food. I don't know of that will be enough to get me there and back again.

So is there anyone out there in zombie land who wants to adopt me and help me out while going to school. The only playing I want to do with the loan is to buy the materail for my trike and thats only going to be about $800 the rest is going for a computer system (All-in-one printer, paper, ink), office work clothes, and additional money for my food. right now I only can spend about $120 and that makes it so I can each 1 full meal and a small treat at night. With the hectic schedule I have at school I need to increase my food bill by about $200 a month.

I am very fustrated right now. I feel like I am trying to improve my life and become a socially responsible citizen and pay my taxes and donate to worthy cause and to get me out of my room staring at the wall in deep depression. Son of #$%^& it sucks right now.

Ill keep you all posted on how things are going.

12-04-2008, 07:11 PM
Lean on us all here, B2L. Sometimes life does suck. I wish I could win the lottery and set up an AZ foundation to help folks like you. This would be a good time for an angel investor to step forward. I wish I knew some philanthropists. :wings:

Unfortunately, I can't even get one lotto number right these days.

But, I'm sending you a HUGE virtual hug, hoping it might lift your spirits a bit.

I know it's tough to keep your chin up when so much crap is going on, but take one day at a time and remember that we're your friends, and we do care about you. So, whenever you need us, we'll be here for you. :heart:

Kat :elf:

12-05-2008, 12:40 PM
Thank you so much for your reply KAT it brightened up my morning. Next sweek is finals and I a final on mon tue wed and my last welding class next sat.

Your quick response and how honest you were about how I was doing and all that for a guy you have never met and maybe never will. That is when I win the lottery I'll buy tickets and pay for tranportation so that everyone on they krew and their families can all meet at one time and chat and brag. But until that time I will allways let you all know how life is treating me.

Yesterday I saw a tadpole in the front foryay(SP?) of the main building were all the students get together and chat. Well I saw the bent and went over I asked whose it was and a fairly small guy with nerve damage in both legs who uses crutches or a walker said it was his. We started chatting about how it rode, what he liked about it what he wanted to add. I then said "Have you heard of Atomic Zombie on the web?" His reply "Yes they just dont look like I could build one Im crippled how could I build one anyway?" I replied "I have aids and a hip and kne rplacements. I am taking welding class now and they have a forum to ask other builders questions on technique or just about anyhting on your mind on just abou any subject and another thing you said you paid $2400 for you bent and you are going to spend another $(00 for a small trailor to haul stuff that has to be under 100lbs. If you build your own it would cost about $900 for the loderunner which you can haul 500lbs. and you can custumize it any way you want." He thought abit and then said "Ill bring it up with my dad and see what he thinks." We smiled and parted our way i hope he looks us up. I am damn proud of being a memeber of this forum and I haven't even started my first one.

Now after KATs response I am even more stoked.

Ill keep in touch
hugs and all that mushy stuff to you all!!!

12-05-2008, 01:19 PM
Glad to hear you've perked up a bit. Keep your chin up. One day at a time. :sunny:

12-08-2008, 01:43 PM

I heard this weekend that Voc Rehab like alot of the government aid department it has gotten some cuts. This means if I can't get my student loan I can't finish my degree and Ill have to try and get a job with 3/4 of the work for the degree. They seem like they just dont want me to get a student loan now I have to mail out another 2 letter saying I can go back to work. So if they accept these two and don't ask for more than I can keep going. If not I have funding until the spring term 2009 and then its hit the brick time. It also means that I may not be able to build my bike until I get a job and I dont know how long that will be.

To say the least I am not in a very good mind right now. Ill let you all know how its turning out when soething finally happens


12-15-2008, 03:30 PM
Hi you all Saturday was my last day inclass of my welding course. I idn't do any welding but sat down with the instructor and grilled him on a couple of things. The final question I asked him is would a harbor freight machine around 300 be good for what I want to build. He said hell no way. Those machines are made for body work which would be a lot thinner than you would probably need for your bike. I thought but those guys and gals at AZ say they use them. So now I am worried which one do I get. Should it be one of those machines that cost 600 to 700 or a 300 or 400 at harbor freight. I need you alls input on this.

Tomorrow I will find out what hopefully will be my last obstacle in getting my student loan. Its come to the point that Voc Rehab has had to cut back so if i dont get this student loan I wont be able to finish my degree. I have alreday decided that I wont use the loan for my build but I am going to do part time work for my brother and get my stuff for the build that way.

its kinda a bummer but thats life.

Ill keep checking in to let you all know whats going on.

12-20-2008, 05:34 PM
Weel guy and gals I have one more tool for my buiuld. Its my Dads old grinder not pretty new but in good shape and I have about 5 grinding wheels for it. I am also relearning how to use my digital camera so I can put some pick on when the time comes.

I am only waiting on one more piece of papaer work to be filled out and sent in so I should if the gods are with me get my studen loan in the second or third week olf January.

I idnt think I would be able to spend any of the money on my buld but If they give me the money from last term and thisterm I think I can swing it to get every thin for my bike. After getting Dads stuff and my brother gave me some of his tools I shoulkd only have to buy a welder and the material. In welding class the teacher gave me a nbame of a guy who buys left over square tubing from contractors and machine and he let the guy know what I want to build and I called him and he said he would sell me the tubing for $1 per linear foot less than half of what new tubing runs around her. He is even going to let me use his 2ft metal cutting saw to cut the pieces I need. His anly requirement is that I show him the bent I build. He said he also know a gujy that will give me a real *** price on painting it for me. I am going to get a hold of that guy next week afetr X-mas.

My brother who gavce me some of his old tools owns his business a heating and air instalation and maintenance. He just bought a place on an acre and a half. tghe back acre he is going to put up a pole building shop for his biz and he said if I will help put up the siding on it hell let me have a corner of the shop for my self so I will have a big shop to use next spring to build my bent.

my welding teacher said the wire welders from harbor freight are lieces and of junk and would be able to safely weld together my bikes I am going to build didnt some of you get your welder from there and aren't they doing fin? I will be able to get my machine in january sometime so I really need help on knoiw which machine to get. a local welding supply shop in town have some low end welder for 600 is that to much.

well thats it for now chat later and ill keep you all posted.

12-20-2008, 06:11 PM
I've been using the $100 HF welder, and it works amazingly. More than enough power to burn through 1/16" steel if you're not careful. I've also been welding tubing twice that thick together and it gets great penetration. Though the wire they come with does suck, get some good Lincoln Electric wire.

12-23-2008, 03:45 PM
Today I am taking stock in what I want to accomplish in 2009. I don't do that on New Years Eve because to day Dec 23 means a great deal to mw its the day I folund out I was HIV POS and that was 17 years ago. I have had my ups and downs these past years but fortunately about 4 years ago sometrhing changed in my mind. I stopped wanting to die and to a point I have foregiven myself that I did the wrong thing years ago. I have been in intensive care 4 timnes and I am oin a drug cocktail of 22 meds. To day the cocktail is gingerale anbd bourbon. The dr say I shouldn't but I only drink 4 or 5 times a year so I let my self indulge today. We are snowed in and I took the percausing to buy my booze a head of time so I have a half pint and a 2 liter of gingerale.

When my life changed 4 years ago I started trying to do all those things I have always wanted to do. Making my own bike has been one of those things for quite a few years. I just could never figure out how to do the back axel on the trike I wanted and I also wanted it to be able to haul quite a lot of stuff. My goal is to get it built and start hitting yard sales and buy fabric and old bikes for my two passions. I am already hooked on the bike thing but I also love to sew. I figure with this two thing I should be able to be rememebred. I am not a madel type of guy just you average mutt who likes his head buzed down but with a sculpted beard no mustache. I have been told that I resemble an Amish Elder. My cloths are all long sleeve (I get cold quite easy) and bright patterns. I use mostly bed sheets for my shirts. The seem to be better cloth that last longer and they have a very wide selection of patterns from solids to cartoons to flowers.

This site has kept the fire burning onj building my bike with out you all I think I would have finally gave up. But someone suggested you all at AZ but he did it in a snide way. His lose. You all have taken me under your wings and have given me so much support and advice that I don't think I will ever be able to thank you all enough. True I am still in the collecting tools and materials but I went so far as to take a welding class this passed term in college. So I am very cinfident that my bike will be built and you all will see the progress when i collect every thing and staret posting pics.

Thank you all for letting me spout and share myself with you all. Take care and don't let ,life beat you but keep on trudging and life will be good to you. Maybe not a smooth trot through life but you will get to a good spot and cherish it so much more for the roughness that it will be stuck in your heart forever.

So one last thank you anbd I truly love the frinds I have met in this forum.

12-23-2008, 03:54 PM
btl beleve me the feelings are mutual. i am a member of four forums, thise one i hold dear. the freinds i have made here are freinds in the truest sence of the word. though we may joke around in the end we reale care for each other.

Zombies one and all.:wings:

12-23-2008, 06:08 PM

now your handle makes sense. I wish you all the best on your endeavors, and if you need to vent, I don't think anyone here minds, as we all have bad days and good days. I like the way you get the material for your shirts, there have been times when I thought that would be cool, but try to buy the material at a fabric store for a reasonable price, and that is a pipe dream. Now for that Hawaiian shirt.

12-23-2008, 11:44 PM
We're always here to support each other B2L. When everything else seems to suck, there's always a friend here to cheer you up.

12-24-2008, 01:20 AM
btl you like to sew eah, i have a chalange. Im a big guy with a pear shape body( I.E. big hips and belly) do you have any idea how hard it is finding cloths to fit a 60 in wast with 62 in hips(yess those are real deminitions)

I said i was big.

12-24-2008, 10:03 AM
I bet the only thing B2L couldn't make for you is jeans, because there aren't any denim bed sheets.

12-24-2008, 04:37 PM
Thanks for all your support. It makes me even more proud to know you wonderful bent builders. I didn't get drunk yesterday but I did have 3 drinks over a 15 hoiur perios and did alot of writing out of my dreams and wishes and catagorizing them into sections that are feasable and ones that would be just kooler than sh*t. I have been a professional organizer before so my desk is emaculate and easy to do big project on. my brother is against me drinking at all but i asked my dr if it was ok and she gave me the go ahead for 2 drinks a month. i only have 3 or 4 a year and trhey are usaully on 12/23. i just don't want to get drunk anymore. my life is in such shambles financially and socially that it would cause more probs than good. i am a biut worried when i start looking for my new partner in life because ill prob have to go to bars if i cant find enough no bar places to find another gay guy. but ill worry more about that when the times comex 2 and a half years from noe. salem oregon has only one gay bar and not anyother way of meeting another guy.

I want to thank everyone for replying yesterday and this morning. i felt that i belonged and as lonely as it gets here that makes you all even more special.

and about not finding the denim for a shirt i buy blue genes from goodwool by the pond and cut them uypo and sew them together to make one big piece of fabric to make my shirts. the look a little i made the shirt out of a quilt but people are always asking me were i got it. when i get my student loan in january i am going to buy a new sewing machine the one i have noe is a 1863 siner the last model to have allk metal parts it just doesn't seem to stay aligned so it jams alot. i am going to bujy a used babylock they can sew thru anything up to leather. sonce i prob wont have the money for the parts for my build i am going to make bacvk packs out of the cheepest upolstery cloth i can find. i knoe two or 3 upholstery business that have said they will sell me ther fabric if its less than a yard and a hal oir smaller. i think ill be able to make some really kool ones if i get that machine.

again thank you all for your support and *** bless all your holidays. thanx

12-27-2008, 12:44 AM
btl, there is one thing you will not find here its judgement. we dont judge each other.

sence ive been a zomby, ive only been griped at once and that was a simple misunderstanding.

though we may be 100,s of thousands of miles apart we are family, a family of "Atomic Zombies"

Hay what can i say im a romantic, and my wife loves me for it.:sunny: