View Full Version : Will my evil plan work?

06-03-2009, 12:17 PM
Contrary to my original intentions, my highroller will roll (hopefully) out of my garage with a 1" threadless fork wedded to a 1" threaded stem, held together by a 1" threadless headset.

During my recent convalescence, when I wasn't in excrutiating pain, I began contemplating the finer points of how to make this unholy marriage work--i.e. how to adjust the bearing pre-load.

Here is the scheme I came up with.

1. Install star nut in fork but push in down far enough that the threaded stem will not hit it when inserted.

2. Add a washer and a section of integrated seat tube clamp from a donor bike over the steerer column to rest on the top of the headset top race.

3. slide a "sleeve" of a section of 1 1/8 steerer column from donor bike to cover the remainder of the steering column on the highroller.

4. Use long 6mm hex bolt with headset dust cap on top of the "sleeve" to screw into star fangled nut and tighten the bearings.

5. Tighten the seat tube clamp.

6. remove 6 mm bolt and dust cap.

7. Insert threaded fork to lowest clearance and tighten

Does anyone see any glaring holes with my devious plan? Or have I reached the level of evil genius?