View Full Version : Begging your pardon and introduction are in order...

11-09-2009, 08:45 PM
I feel I should aplogize to everyone for being just a lurker. I have been hanging around and enjoyed reading all your post for a while now. It was great to see what you all were up to and what was being done. But I was hesitant to chime in till a little while ago. (after a discussion with my wife about not joining in on any of the different issues or projects. She is usually right, by the way.) But I never did step up and say Hi to you all and introduce myself. BAD! BAD! TAYLOR.
So here goes...
Hi everyone! My name is Taylor and I live in Centennial, Colorado. Which is down at the south end of the Denver metro area. The picture is of my pug, Turbo and he's just like his name. I signed up as taytayou812 because thats part of my email address and easy to remember.
I had never posted any thing till just lately, which is long after I had started a couple of the projects in the two A.Z. booksi got.(they are a great read by the way!) The bikes are not finished yet, a problem of mine, but I try to work on them as time and budget allows. But on the other hand she is getting me the 10 plan cd for christmas, once I pick out 10.(thats the hard part, picking just 10.)
So I just wanted to say HI to one and all, and say I will try to be a better part of this group, and if I can, I will try to add any thing of value I can.(honestly though, there are some seriously talented people here.) I enjoy seeing the support, help and interaction I see here! This is one great group of bike builders here!
Sorry for the long post, but I really wanted to just explain my self and say Hi to every one. Thank you all. -Taylor-