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02-07-2008, 12:38 PM
Posted - 12/17/2007 : 05:00:43
I was thinking of making a bike trailer for touring that would carry 4 12v car batteries and charge them as I go
So I can pop up a tent and still have the comforts of home "tv,mini fridge,portable stove" dose any one know were i could find a small generator that i could buy to do the trick

Posted - 12/17/2007 : 23:31:14
Seems like an car alternator, with the right gearing or pulley and length of ride, should be able to do something like that. Some small cars have reasonable output and are relatively light. Also maybe a regenerative wheel motor.
Just some ideas
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Posted - 12/18/2007 : 10:14:43
A hub motor would be perfect. At typical riding RPM, it will generate as much power as you can need, at the perfect voltage. Actually, you will have to limit generation, or the resistance will bring you to a halt. Any more than 100 watts, and you will probably be fatigued in a hurry.
By using a hub motor and some custom regen electronics, you also get the bonus of being able to use the electric assist to climb hills. With 200 pounds of batteries, you will certainly need it. Oh, and add solar as well.

Posted - 12/18/2007 : 21:50:31
so a hub motor can generate power as well!?
do you now were i could get the hub motor ,limit gen and regen electronics

Posted - 12/18/2007 : 22:12:50
I tested my brushless 400 watt hubmotor as a generator and it was highly efficient. I did not do any official tests, but i can tell you it was much better than a $1500 wind generator.

02-26-2008, 12:05 AM
I would think you could find a small gas powered inverter that would weigh less then four car batteries.

You would not have to integrate a charging system.

I don't know how small they make these things. My neighbor has one and says it is way more efficient than a regular gas powered generator.