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02-07-2008, 12:47 PM
Posted - 10/31/2007 : 17:19:33
This is what I use for breadboarding electronic circuits. It is battery powered and completely portable, but modules detach for use alone or with a bench power supply.
Here is a shot of the entire unit with the box of prefab circuit modules and breadboarding wires attached. The main body is an art case. The circuit modules are in a sewing/tackle case. These can be removed and are attached to the main body with Velcro pads. http://www.eskimo.com/~victim/ProtoWhole.jpg
Here is a picture with the circuit modules and breadboarding wires removed.
This one shows the top opened up. On the underside of the lid there are Velcro pads holding IC pullers, wire cutters, clip-on multimeter probes and side cutters. The side cutters do double duty inserting the breadboarding wires. Most people use needle nose pliers for this, but I can manage to use the cutters without breaking the wires. There is also a telescoping antenna attached to the lid.
In the upper left you'll see some RCA plugs for power. Available voltages are 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 12, and +6/-6. +5 and -5 are available using one of the prefab circuit modules. This particular module attaches to the Velcro circle at the upper left of the breadboard.
The field of Velcro pads on the right is where I attach the other prefab modules. I also have extra breadboards that can attach here for large projects.
Next is a shot with the breadboard and multimeter removed. You can see the battery packs inside the inner module. These are also attached with Velcro. There is ample space in the gutters for storage of multimeter probes, power plugs, and other odd bits.
The inner module was made from a letter writing case (remember writing letters?) and also detaches with Velcro pads if I need something a bit more portable. There is some storage space inside here as well.
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Richie Rich
Posted - 10/31/2007 : 23:28:42
Nice job, Tony....I use the same Global Specialites 'Experimentor' boards for my projects, too. With your boxes and velcro idea, that would save me time having to hunt for parts.
Thanks for sharing...
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Posted - 11/01/2007 : 01:10:21
Parts are a different matter. I have them in tiny zipper bags mounted on card stock in a 3-ring binder. If I want a 100K resistor I just flip to the resistor tab and open the bag.
Sorceress: "I have developed a new weapon my ****."
Hordak: "Does it explode?"
Sorceress: "No..."
Hordak: "Then what good is it?"

Posted - 11/08/2007 : 16:39:18
Hey man just curious what multimeter did you use
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Posted - 11/08/2007 : 16:43:55
It is the mid-range Radio Shack model. $30.
Sorceress: "I have developed a new weapon my ****."
Hordak: "Does it explode?"
Sorceress: "No..."
Hordak: "Then what good is it?"

Posted - 11/29/2007 : 10:00:27
great ideas for being organised. I've been using a multi compartment tackle box, but you take it a step in a better direction. Thanks for sharing.