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02-07-2008, 12:56 PM
Posted - 11/04/2007 : 22:54:41
One way to align round tubing for welding.
The aluminum channel is the top bar from a set of mini-blinds out of my van. Cut into short pieces, it made good parallels, & a kind of "V" block of sorts, good for aligning round stock.
http://joeywallace.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!9D0D4DF6F50AAFC2!339/ (http://joeywallace.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!9D0D4DF6F50AAFC2!339/)
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Richie Rich
Posted - 11/05/2007 : 09:42:03
Good tip, Joey....thanks for sharing....
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Posted - 11/05/2007 : 13:41:27
Thanks, Joey.
That's a lot better and easier than what I was using. I cut one side off a length of .0125 square tube. At the price of mini blinds in discount stores, your idea is well worth it. I went out this morning and bought two 3' mini blinds for 5 bucks each.

Posted - 11/05/2007 : 20:47:08
Kewl, I'm glad I actually came up with something that might be helpful to someone! Heaven knows, you guys help me enough!
Kid, did those mini-blinds have the right type of top bar? Cuz mine came from my van, & they were already in there when I bought it, so I'm not sure the regular ones for the home are made the same. I know most of 'em have a cheesy plastic top bar. You may have to buy some nice aluminum ones to get that bar like mine.
I originally cut 'em up to use as parallels, & they were great for that! Very handy! They're really more of an "I" beam, but I realized they'd make decent "v-blocks", too!
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Posted - 11/05/2007 : 21:17:00
They're aluminum, I made sure of that when I bought them. They're on the narrow side, but properly clamped, they held 1 1/2" conduit nice and straight.

Posted - 11/05/2007 : 21:52:59
KEWL! Awesome, dude!
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