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02-07-2008, 01:02 PM
Posted - 11/01/2007 : 22:18:10
I made a jig to notch for the head tubes in the same plan. It's very simple! P.M. me of email if you want to see it!

Richie Rich
Posted - 11/01/2007 : 22:48:54
Yes...we want to see it.
Please post it here in the 'TOOLS' Section.
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Posted - 11/02/2007 : 18:01:56
Don't know how to post pictures here, but if you e mail me, I can send them to ya. If someone knows how to post pictures maybe they can post them?

Posted - 11/02/2007 : 19:55:13
Heck yeah, Zobman, send 'em to me & I'll post 'em!
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Posted - 11/02/2007 : 23:55:25

He writes, "Here is the jig I use for notching round tubing. I lay the bent tube on a level surface and put the jig on and level it. Then when I rotate at a right angle in my notcher, I level it with the other bubble and notch the first side. Leaving the jig on and putting the other end in the notcher and leveling. Then just notch the other end. both notches will be in the same plane. I got this idea from the "No-dog" tools I had for bending electrical metallic tubing (E.M.T.) The level I got at Menards."
http://joeywallace.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!9D0D4DF6F50AAFC2!783/?&_c02_owner=1 (http://joeywallace.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!9D0D4DF6F50AAFC2!783/?&_c02_owner=1)
"Love makes the world go 'round, but money greases the wheels"

Posted - 11/03/2007 : 09:15:52
Now that's what I'm talkin' about. I like my purchased tools...but the homebuilt ones are real cool too! Way to go Joey! One of my childhood heroes was Walter Chrysler. Not because of his cars, but because of the the fact that he built his own high precision tools. I read his biography, when I was just a kid, and it influenced my life! I sure hope we have some "kids" involved in this forum! They sure could learn something from you folks!

Posted - 11/03/2007 : 11:45:09
I am not sure I understand completely how it works, but I can see how well made the tool is, and how much thought went into it. Nice job zobman and thanks for getting the pictures posted (thank to sirJoey too for helping).

Posted - 11/03/2007 : 12:19:33
If anyone would like more information on it, jiust e mail me and I will take more pictures! A pictures worth a thousand words!