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02-07-2008, 03:47 PM
Any readers, lurkers from California, home of the Terminator.
I live in Sacramento.

Hey, I live near Sac also. Actually about 30 minutes south in Lodi.

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 01/30/2007 : 07:32:19
Northern California where the girls are warm, yeah! I'm in Berkeley about 2 blocks from the UC Berkeley campus. Can't believe there aren't more folks from California hackin' and choppin'.

Richie Rich
Posted - 01/31/2007 : 00:23:27
If I lived in Northern (or Southern) California near a campus filled with California Cuties, I sure wouldn't be home "hackin' and choppin' "...!!!
....Richie Rich >>
"Real men build their own..!!"

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 02/01/2007 : 02:02:05
Homemade recumbents are a "chick magnet" or a "dude magnet" depending on your 'bent!

Richie Rich
If that's the case, then you may be interested in building the "Kyoto Cruiser" trike for those times when you get lucky...!!
See the 'Plans & Gear' section on the main page.
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"Real men build their own..!!"

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 02/02/2007 : 20:39:11
All over it, R! Downloaded the plans a couple weeks ago, the theater where I work has enough scrap square tube for the entire build, a co-worker is going to teach me to weld, and the wife and I will use it and our other bikes to get around after the planned sale of our car. And if you want to talk "lucky" pull up my profile and check out our beautiful baby daughters. Now I'm looking for a trailer hitch adaptor for our Burley trailer.

Posted - 02/12/2007 : 01:18:03
I'm posting from Salinas. I'll be working on a Meridian now that I've got my workbench put together. Check out my post under the Meridian posts.

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 02/24/2007 : 04:46:46
Anybody living in California know about regulations and restrictions on electric HPVs? Do we need a license to drive city streets? Are certain configurations disallowed?
By the way, where are all the Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, etc. builders?
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Ashdod Slim
Posted - 03/03/2007 : 08:22:14
And for that matter, Where are all the Evil Geniuses in the bay area? Protecting the location of your evil lairs?
"In my experience: when all is said and done, there's alot more said than done."

Posted - 03/19/2007 : 15:09:40
Hi you guys I'm tripin over you way march 31th - 4th april(maybe longer if I can change the air ticket)
to go to
if you see yourself coming in the other direction, you know you have been there before!

Posted - 05/05/2007 : 21:24:53
Hey Ashdod Slim (And other California builders), my name is Graham, and I am getting ready to build two Delta Wolves as part of a project for Burning Man. I live in West Oakland, so if anyone knows of sources for donor bikes, parts, and cheap steel in the area, I'd love to know about them! I thought that Salvation Army might be a good way to go, but an off brand Mt Bike for $99?? What a rip! I am keeping my eyes on Craigslist, Freecycle, and in the Burning Man Forums, but not much luck yet. Any ideas? Thanks!

Posted - 05/05/2007 : 23:30:07
Check for a Goodwill "main" distribution center, most larger citys have them, the one here in Portland sells by the pound, but bikes are priced as they come in, like $20 for a decent mountain bike, then they lower the price daily till someone buys them.
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Posted - 05/07/2007 : 23:11:02
Hey Ashdod Slim
Re your question on Vehicle requiremenets..
Actually depends on if you are over 55, there is a clause in the DMV code that I call the Geezer car. It can have three or four wheels, seat two, not capable of over 30 MPH and have less that 2 HP engine. Do a search on the DMV site for "quadricycle".
Here it is:
Motorized Quadricycle and Motorized Tricycle
407. A "motorized quadricycle" is a four-wheeled device, and a "motorized tricycle" is a three-wheeled device, designed to carry not more than two persons, including the driver, and having either an electric motor or a motor with an automatic transmission developing less than two gross brake horsepower and capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on level ground. The device shall be utilized only by a person who by reason of physical disability is otherwise unable to move about as a pedestrian or by a senior citizen as defined in Section 13000.
Amended Ch. 1292, Stats. 1993. Effective January 1, 1994.
Being a Geezer, I can put up to a two hp motor on the Kyoto, and it's legal to drive anywhere that is not a freeway.

Posted - 05/07/2007 : 23:18:57
BTW I have a Yahoo Group called Simson_duo that addresses the small handicapped vehicle. Check it out! I figure that a Kyoto Cruizer with a small 49 cc engine or a couple of 300 watt motors attached to additional freewheels would work!

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 05/09/2007 : 03:58:39
That's all good to know, since I'm 55, but it bodes ill for a project that I wanted to build by the end of the summer: a Kyoto cruiser with an electric hub motor and two extra seats for the kids (aged one and four by the end of the summer). Codenamed Katbus, this ride would replace our car without the extra hassle of a trailer. I can't believe the DMV is going to come after me! I thought they only bothered with gas guzzlers. I guess as long as I don't install the motor...

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 05/09/2007 : 05:42:48
Have you tried Recycles Bicycles on Sacramento Street in berkeley? Their phone number is (510) 666-1300 They're kind of into vintage bike parts and they don't sell frames, but they're worth a try if you need a particular part. I've been kind of strapped for discarded frames too. Another place I've heard about is Tinkerer's Workshop at the Berkeley Marina. I don't have much other than the name. I haven't tried the dump yet and I'm hoping that will work. Hope this helps.

Ashdod Slim
Posted - 05/11/2007 : 01:38:09
By the way, can I have a ride on one of your DWs when you're finished?

Posted - 06/01/2007 : 11:29:29
i'm a kalifornicator as well. down south though (LA/OC). new to the building scene. i've been on two wheels for many years, but they've been of the vtwin variety. gonna start with either overkill or the new black pearl. i'm sure i'll be searching for answers and asking questions here.
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03-03-2008, 01:40 AM
I'm from kalifoolya. The Yay (Bay) Area to be more specific. Found this site from Instructables.com. Browsed the site a bit, found some projects that looked pretty interesting to do and itching to get started.

04-03-2008, 07:16 PM
Hey dmcafee and spincycle07 - I'm in Sacto near CSU. Have been looking for materials...Blue Collar Supply on Florin-Perkins Rd has 1.5" 16 gage tubing at $26 per 20' length. You have to buy the whole 20'. Interested in splitting it?


05-27-2009, 12:29 PM
I'm in SoCal. Longtime recumbent rider, longtime aspiring builder. I actually taught myself to braze and mostly built a frame. I never had the guts to build it up and ride it because, well, I had an ***** for a brazing instructor.


Doc Hollywood
05-27-2009, 05:08 PM
Do I have to dmit I am from California?

I am a born and raised Bay Area Native and live in Fremont

02-26-2010, 05:07 PM
I donna want to admit where I live either... I usually use the euphemism of "East Roseville" which is very different than "East Palo Alto". Those who know where I live call it Granite Bay.

For those in the Sacramento area I recommend checking out Metal Craft Warehouse over in West Sacramento for raw materials. They have all kinds of interesting stuff and good customer service. They sell by the foot with a cutting charge so you can buy just what you need. Find 'em here: http://www.metalcraftwarehouse.com/. When I was in getting my stuff for a Delta Wolf people were quite interested in what we were making. One woman had even heard of Atomic Zombie and "had wanted to make one of those".

I have also found craigslist.org to be a good resource in obtaining materials. Found we have two bike wreckers here in the area: one in Charmichael and another in Rio Linda.

03-01-2010, 05:40 PM
Thanks for the tip about Metal Craft Warehouse! Was sidelined by surgery last year but I'm better now and itching to build a Delta Wolf for commuting to work at CSUS. I live in Natomas near the American River Bike Trail. Maybe we'll meet up sometime.


03-02-2010, 02:39 AM
HTH Patrick. We spent about $50 as I recall for most of the metal bits.


01-23-2011, 10:46 PM
Born and raised in the Bay Area and now living in Manteca.