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06-04-2013, 03:13 PM
Hi there

Would it be possible to expand one of the Forum areas to allow other things to be discussed and keep all the relevant posts in the same place for future reference ?

I am thinking about those areas that hold the threads ? what are they called ?

So what I would like to see is ;-

Choppers - Support for Plans

Gladiator Chopper trike
Overkill Chopper
Vigilante Chopper

To be expanded to include :-

Highlander - as well as being in book one it is now available as a freebie ?

Also I would like to see :-

a Homebuilt Chopper questions section in there.

Where questions could be asked about building others ie. from Chopzone or combining parts of Brads various choppers to build a unique bike.

So maybe rename it to :-

Choppers -Plan support & Homebuilds

Gladiator Chopper trike
Homebuilt Chopper questions
Overkill Chopper
Vigilante Chopper

regards Paul