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08-15-2013, 02:56 PM
More of a comment rather than reporting forum issue...

Ever since the changes in posting of the pics on the forum more and more of the posts are either without pictures or only have the links.

Posts without pictures are pain - I usually get lost in long-winded wordy essays trying to explain something that could easily be taken care off with one picture :( and just few words.

Post with links are better, but also pain in having to open separate tabs for pictures :(

I understand and have no problem with reasons for the changes, but must admit I am disappointed in the way that forum posts are slowly changing.

and... it's not as if posting of the pics requires some supernatural knowledge :cheesy:

08-15-2013, 09:03 PM
.... +1 for the sentiment here, it's become painful and tedious to load pics these days, sort of shooting oneself in the foot really....

08-15-2013, 09:18 PM
I have to agree, just tried multiple ways to load photo. Link is better than nothing. Oh well.

08-15-2013, 10:37 PM
This way works.
Upload your picture to photobucket or whatever online photo storage source you are using.
In Photobucket display the photo you want to show in AZ forum.
Right click on the photo and a little drop down menu will display. Select "copy image URL"
Come back to your post that you are writing on AZ. With the cursor in place where you want the picture to appear, click on the insert image button. Right click on the URL box and select "paste". Click 'OK". Your image should now appear in your post.
If your still having problems with this I can upload screen shots to walk you through it. Once you have it down, it is easy.

Radical Brad
08-15-2013, 10:45 PM
I will be looking at this again over the winter.
Changes were made because we simply can't afford the higher bandwidth/storage for the forum at this time.


08-15-2013, 11:25 PM
"ANYONE' that has followed my time here with AZ, knows of the issues I've had with photo's uploading. http://forum.atomiczombie.com/images/smilies/mad.gif

My take on bambuko's comments, however, was not so much about the change,
in the photo uploading procedure, as it was with the numerous posts that, 'do not include photo's'.

I'm sure I am not alone, when I say that, I do not read, most any post that is a single spaced novel.
If one wants my attention to 'their' posts, then 'show me'. Talk to me about what you are showing me. Much, much more interesting.

This website was founded with photo's being a integral part of it.
I for one, enjoy seeing, 'what', where' , why, and 'how' everyone goes about doing what it is their doing.
I try to practice what I preach. Virtually all my updates, include photos, many at times.
My camera has become, an 'integral' part of my builds.

Nothing has changed, other than the willingness to embrace the opportunity to contribute to the AZ community,
through not only text, but with photos as well. Text can, and usually is, misunderstood/misinterpreted. Photos are clear and to the point.

The changes to the posting requirements, meant a lot of us had to, 'learn' something new.
We all loved the ease of click here, click there, and 'wa la', our photos were posted. Circumstances required change.

I still, click here, click there, but I do it someplace else, and wa la, my photos are posted.

I am using 'postimage.org' , again and now that I understand how to manipulate some of it, uploading is very very easy.
Thanks to those here on AZ that helped me, learn anew.

Let's everyone 'photo up' ! http://forum.atomiczombie.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


08-16-2013, 04:10 AM
Hi Folks

We all need to embrace change and bottom line is we all get loads from Brad and Kats efforts, and this route is the most cost effective.
Now I was poor at adding images before this most recent change, then was lost until I saw this ....

Nowadays I add all my comments via an iPad and this is now really easy.

The biggest problem was seeing the link right in front on my face, perhaps it needs a bit more communication, automatically even on, or by one of us insisting pictures on threads and directing newbies to the how to do it.

I now use postimage and use the direct link.

For adding a second photo in a thread, just hit the postimage logo to get back to the home page http://postimage.org/

I think an easy fix is a regular advert in the newsletters.

If we can weld and make great machines a few well practiced keystrokes should be very easy for us all.

But if we don't know what to do or how to do it, then of course we find it difficult

08-16-2013, 04:21 AM
I'm using postimage.org too, and the good thing about doing it this way is that, if you sign up, you can create an album(s) on there and so all your build pics are accessible in the one place, so if you want to find pic to put in another post later you just have to got to your album find that pic and collect the URL out of it.

As a web developer I appreciate the problems involved in the images uploading and displaying issues.
I crop and resize my images for both screen size (600pixels wide) and file size prior to uploading them to postimage (which may or may not further reduce the file size on uploading).
The raw images from the camera are around 3260kb whilst my processed images are < 50kb.

So you can see the scale of differences in the storage requirements and consequent speed of page loading that can occur when there is no limit on image uploading.
It cannot be expected that all users have the time, knowledge, software to pre-process all their photos.
Web applications can be programmed to do the preprocessing, reducing the maximum image size and file size during uploading.

I would say that Brads approach is fair enough. It is very important to maintain as fast a loading time as possible for the forum pages whilst also keeping Brads time in website maintenance to a minimum.

08-16-2013, 04:55 AM
I will be looking at this again over the winter.
Changes were made because we simply can't afford the higher bandwidth/storage for the forum at this time.
thanks Brad!
I understood the reasons very well and have no problem with what you did :)

My comment was about the users who since the change stopped posting pictures or started using links instead of pictures embedded in the postings.

I guess only espedalcars grasped what I was trying to say :rolleyes4: (see post #6)

So once again - I am not criticising the change Brad made - I am disappointed with people who stopped using pictures in their posts :( as a result

08-16-2013, 05:32 AM
Further to go1000gos tutorial post.

Where to find the insert image button
which when clicked brings up this dialog box to paste the URL into

e.g. http://s5.postimg.org/wzye6g66v/DSCF9250.jpg

08-16-2013, 07:15 AM
Hi Bambuko

I am with you and Ed all the way, yes posts with pictures are better.

How do we encourage this and see more and read less is the question.


08-16-2013, 07:24 AM
...How do we encourage this and see more and read less is the question...
That is indeed the question and the discussion I was hoping to encourage

08-16-2013, 08:53 AM
....yep, can see Brad's POV as well now, graphics eat up your bandwidth, but pictures paint a 1000 words, so therein lies the dilemma ....

08-16-2013, 09:15 AM
This photo below took me 70 seconds to screen capture,
upload to photobucket, copy and paste into my post. Scale and
color change the font. Either people are just that busy, inexperienced with
computers, need some more training, or its just ......

http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll13/grauchosbikes/Misc/laziness.jpg (http://s284.photobucket.com/user/grauchosbikes/media/Misc/laziness.jpg.html)

08-16-2013, 10:37 AM
...well, it would take me considerably more than 70 seconds to do this, so I must be considerably more lazy than you, right?.....

08-16-2013, 11:04 AM
We all know that pictures make things more understandable. All it takes is working your way through the process of placing a picture a couple of times and it becomes routine. If this uneducated country bumpkin can do it, anyone can. There are several of us online that can help you. If you really can't get it, PM me and I'll place your pictures for you. Really, I don't mind.

Oh yeah, it's as easy as following Brads' plans and we all can do that.

08-16-2013, 11:21 AM
...well, it would take me considerably more than 70 seconds to do this, so I must be considerably more lazy than you, right?.....
not necessarily lazy :rolleyes4: - graucho proposed other possible explanations:

...inexperienced with computers, need some more training...
take your pick :)

08-16-2013, 11:29 AM
It is nice to see the dialog happening about this subject.
It's too bad all this discussion isn't taking place on Brad's thread, " Posting Photo's on this Forum".

What I have found, while careening through the learning curve, is that for myself anyway, programs are like quick sand.

Easy to get into, but then you have to thrash around, just to stay alive, until you see the 'life saving instructions' nailed to the tree,
or some kind 'IT' savvy person, throws you a USB cord.

Take for example, just yesterday, I sent postimage.org, my third, (that's 3) message asking for instructional assistance. NO REPLY YET.

If dmac257, hadn't jumped in to offer a suggestion about using the 'show codes' and clicking on 'Thumbnail for Forums (1)' instead of 'Direct Link'
I would still be sending my photos to paint, to resize them, and then back to postimage for posting.

I still don't have any idea what the other options do. I have posted trial photos and clicked on the other 'code' options, with no result.

Not to be insulting to anyone, but often, what seems to be so simple, still needs to be dumbed down, just to give someone the basic information, to start pedaling on their own.

There's postimage, photobucket, imageshack, google, dropbox, and a multitude of other ways to post photo's. Each one has a learning curve.

It's no wonder poster's don't want to post pictures when the mechanism for doing so, though easy as counting 1,2,3. isn't working for them and there is no place to get help.

I guess my point here is that whatever the method be, there needs to be standardization, and above all else, in-depth instructions how to use it.

I AM SO SORRY ! In proof reading this post, it sounds like ranting, and I should get down off my soap box. Truly not intended that way.


08-16-2013, 11:32 AM
...well, it would take me considerably more than 70 seconds to do this, so I must be considerably more lazy than you, right?.....

HaHa "NOT" at all Frank. Your a good soldier. I knew I may stir the pot on this one.
I'm not ripping on any one individual. Myself, I have this animal within
constantly telling me to $crew it and lay down. Life for me is a battle
to kick myself in the rear.

Remember, this thread is about peoples "lack" of posting photos when they have the ability to do so.
There are also tools on the web available for free to do it. Also the information on "how" to do
it is here on the forum. There is also plenty of people here to help one through it if they have questions.
I know it is a lot of work and time to post a bike build. So.... I guess I will have to stand by my
4th choice after.... people are just that busy, inexperienced with
computers, need some more training. Or, "Lazy" Ok,Ok i'll add... leary of the unknown. :alien:

08-16-2013, 03:21 PM
Just did a upload of four photos to my Inferno thread.

As a matter of my own curiosity, and not a race with anyone, I timed the upload for each photo.
Upload for each photo was between 18 and 30 seconds.

First, I located the photo's I wanted to upload and started the timing from there.

I used postimage.org and posted them using 'Thumbnails for Forums (1)'. The sizing was set to 640 x 480.

I like this setting, because it puts all the photos in a smaller setting, allowing you, the viewer, to see all of them at once.
And then you, the viewer, can decide which one you want to click on to enlarge.

Do I like all the additional commercial photos below? No, but I had to compromise to get my photos to display,
so the viewer had a choice, of how they were viewed.

This is but one of several image posting options and I'm not trying convince anyone that they should use it.
Just to point out the simplicity, once the learning curve is passed.

Good luck in finding your photo posting method.
I'm available for help if I can and know how.


08-17-2013, 12:15 AM
...hey Graucho - no offense taken :) - was merely reacting to what I saw as an over generalization of the problem. One of the highlights of my almost daily stints on the web is going on here and seeing whats happening, and occasionally contributing. But, it has to be said that this is by far the slowest site I visit, and suspect it's a local problem at this end (Thailand!). This slowness serves to frustrate even more the process of loading pics. Am inching towards starting my mk2 trike build (day job keeps holding me back), and hope to log all on here, but not looking forward to all the photo malarkey......