View Full Version : chopper forks and indirect steering

02-12-2014, 06:44 AM
I had originally planned to build the deltarunner trike with a regular wheel and get a hub motor a year or so after it had been built. I decided to get the hub motor now. i had never seen a hub motor before, its huge. 36 volt, 750 watts with a brake disc mount. I have about 5 forks and none of them quite work. only one fork, one i got from bpbb.net is even wide enough, but it doesnt have the heavy drop offs. but it does have the brake adapter tabs. i guess i could find drop off adapter thingys, as one option, but i would be prefer heavy drop offs. i am thinking about building the triple tree fork with heavy drop offs and brake adapter tabs. i dont know, i am thinking this set up will be too heavy to out the steering tab from the gooseneck stem. so its back to the usual tab along the side like in the plans, can i use a triple tree forks with a rod? i did look at a few pages in the gallery and i didnt see anything.