View Full Version : My Bowflex Boost

03-09-2014, 10:45 AM
My wife purchased a Fitbit Ultra off of E bay to monitor her activity level thru the day. I thought that was pretty cool, and started researching. I purchased a Fitbit Flex off of E bay. Before I received it my wife lost her Ultra. So when the Flex came, I gave it to her. I started looking on E bay and saw a Bowflex Boost. So I checking into the Boost and seeing it monitored your activity level, your steps, calories burned, and monitors your sleep. And I put a offer on a brand new one on E bay since it said it was comparable with my HTC one phone. I received the Boost 4 days later. It came in a seales box. What instruction did come with it said to charge the unit before using it. It came with a little charger that the wrist band is held on by a magnet. It plugs into a USB port to charge. I would say no instructions came with it, but were easily downloaded. As with most new electronic things. You have to read between the lines to operate. You must download the Boosts free app to retrieve the information from the wrist band to your smart phone. After three days of using it. It was very hard to sync up with my phone and never showed any information on my sleep. I downloaded the manual to make sure I was using it right. So I called customer service, who were very nice. Even though I purchased on E bay, they sent me a new one, but I would not get the regular 1 year warranty. I would only get a 30 day warranty. Well I have had the new one about a week. The new one does snyc easier. But still I have yet to monitor any of my sleep. So from my experiences, I would say to save your money, and look at other brands.