View Full Version : Good donor rims?

06-18-2014, 08:19 PM
The Timberwolf plans talk about getting a decent double wall rim set to build up your wheels.

I have 2 donors with 26" tires, a Schwinn Riverside with 36 hole rims http://www.kmart.com/schwinn-26inch-men-s-riverside-bike/p-080W005612074001P and a Trek 800 mountain bike.

Would the rims for either of these work? Is there a way to tell if a rim is double walled by looking at it?

06-18-2014, 09:07 PM
When you have the tire off and tube out. If you look in the hole where the stem goes through you should see a pair of walls to see if it is double walled.
Ho w ever as they may be heavy steal rims they may be ok to use. Depend on what your riding is going to be like. Rough and tuff trails or paths. If paths then the single wall will be ok. If nothing else you could use what you have and give them a try. If they don't work out then you can replace them at a later date.
Hope that helps.

06-18-2014, 09:52 PM
That helps a lot! I will be cycling 100% on concrete and bike paths so it sounds like these will work to start out atleast.