View Full Version : Welder's Neck

07-31-2014, 06:21 PM
I've finally gone to the hospital due to severe neck pain, and x-rays reveal heavily degenerated c5 and c6 areas. My doctor sent me to a chiropractor, and I've had two visits so far. Although my osteo-arthritis damage was done before I started welding last month, the helmet, welding posture, and position is thought to have exacerbated the already present condition, sending pain over the top.

Look it up sometime. Plenty of welders have a pain in the neck. I'm just trying to find some relief from the neck pain, and shooting nerve issue which is like an electric shock running down the whole arm to the hand. It is more than a tingle feeling when your hand is asleep.

Plus, I want to get back to my Warrior project.