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02-05-2015, 04:33 PM

This Canadian built custom was designed for long distance hauling, and recently finished a 5,000 mile trek to San Francisco from Ontario, Canada.


Type: Human-Electric Hybrid (pedal, motor, or both)

Motor: 800 Watt Brushless DC (1.1 HP)

Batteries: One 48 volt lithium @ 20 amp hours (good for 60 miles or 30 without pedaling) AND One 48 volt lead acid @ 14 amp hours (good for 30 miles or 15 without pedaling) TOTAL = up to 90 miles per charge!

Breaks: Two Avid BB7 mechanical disc breaks on rear axles.

Carrying Capacity: 200 lbs. PLUS driver weight (orriginal driver was 245 lbs.)

Max Powered Speed: 20 mph

Auxiliary System: 12 volt (car cigarette style plug) can power 100 watt inverter (included)

Indicator Lights: Red l.e.d. tails lights and a high powered incandescent headlight (both independently operable)

This is the tank of bikes. Built from industrial grade parts and overpowered in order to climb steep hills with a load. She's just finished a cross country tour, and she's looking for a new gig.

With a good, solid base like this, the possibilities are endless.

Would make an excellent:

-Ice Cream Cart / Food Vendor
-Downtown Package Delivery
-Grocery Getter
-An other cross country trip ;)

My name is Paul Myers, and I built the trike, so feel free to ask any questions by email, phone, or text.