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02-28-2015, 02:54 PM
Hi Folks
Preston Park here in Brighton Sussex has the oldest outdoor Velodrome in the United Kingdom.
Built around 1887 it has been host to some of the best track racing cyclists, including Reg Harris in the fifties .

Because of a lack of maintenance by Brighton and Hove Council , The British Cycling Federation has deemed it unfit for racing this year due to the track needing some extra safety
barriers and so it has been closed.
Today a slow cycle ride was held to show support and a e-petition has been launched to discuss the needed repairs to bring it up to being a safe track please help support the case by signing the e-petition.

By chance we were in Brighton today with the 20/20 in the boot of the car and Ken and I attended the event and rode 6 laps each of the track. It is the longest velodrome in the UK at 1/3 of a mile and deserves to be kept and not left to rot. With the exception of the war years , it has been home to cycle racing since it was opened . Please help keep it going for the future
I raced here in the mid sixties long before the fencing was fitted along the top of the final bend .
In the video on the facebook page . Ken is seen riding the 20/20 in the short clip . The Trike is seen about 1/2 way through the video


I have been told that more photos will be posted later on showing the 20/20 and some of the other unusual bikes that were there

regards emma

02-28-2015, 03:12 PM
Signed. :)

02-28-2015, 03:14 PM
I hope 'out of towners count'.
I signed it for you. Good luck with it.

09-21-2015, 06:49 AM
Hi Folks

The latest update is a success

Between Brighton Council and British Cycling they have aggreed to fund the 300,000 refurb on the cycle track earlier this month Ken , John and I took to the streets to bring awareness to the cause by joining in the slow ride from the Old Stiene to Preston Park followed by a few laps of the track.

over 200 cyclists joined in the ride with trikes ( ok, well us 3 ) some cargo bikes , roadies , Mtb and Children . The ride was televised on BBC news that evening a couple of weeks before the announcement that the repairs would be "match " funded by the two organizations

http://s11.postimg.org/4gqx1aatv/three_trikers.jpg (http://postimage.org/)
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regards emma

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01-12-2016, 04:18 PM
latest update


looks like the track will be ready to race on this season

regards emma

05-09-2016, 05:34 PM
15 months after the start of this thread , cycle racing has restarted on the track , here is a short clip on the refurbished track


regards emma

07-22-2016, 04:48 AM
Ken and I went to preston park on Wednesday evening to watch the sprint championships .We we amazed by the number of younger adults and kids , several ladies events were included in the 3 hours of racing, .
A great night out ( and it was free )
https://s31.postimg.org/6bb1opoa3/prestonpk2.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/nolc3kjl3/)

https://s31.postimg.org/ofe29clyj/prestonpk1.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/z27veru3r/)

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