View Full Version : Local Bike Shop..Throw Away, Bikes and Parts

01-30-2016, 05:23 PM
Free Bikes-N-Bits

I have had good success, getting bikes from Freecycle.org, and my local swap meet.

I finally made connection with the owner of my local bike shop, maybe a quarter mile down the road.

I got there literally one day too late, when I could have had for the taking, (+/-) 50 bikes of various sizes and conditions.
They even had a set of 'paddle shifters', which were in good shape. BUT! they threw them out as well.

Oh well, they are on the lookout for another set, and they have said they will call me when they get them.

Below is what I picked up today.

Not everything is top grade, or serviceable,
but I will take the bad with the good, and will scrap the bad at a later date.

I was pleasantly surprised when, I was even given access to their spare parts bins,
and could have had just about anything I wanted.

Turn your sound down, unless you like wind noise.

The two wheels/rims, in the forefront are in super great shape.