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Welcome to my Atomic Zombie blog page.

My name is Jon, and I will be sharing some crude but I hope interesting concepts and ideas.

I am a man with back disability that leaves me living life at level 8 to level 10 pain 24/7 365. I guess you could call it a pain in the backside. I have a few marbles lost from the full bag you are supposed to have, and try my best to cope and function as best I can.

First let's talk about my riding style:
I want to go off road, but not down a mountain. Not doing drop ins and all. I want to sit a little higher than the low racing style I have seen for touring or road bikes. I really do not like the tricycle look. I want to be able to tackle the paved hills where I live faster than in my wheelchair. May go off on a smother dirt or gravel walking path sometimes. Won't be spending days riding.

So I say I am a casual rider.

Next sitting position.
Well that annoying back issue has to always be accounted for. I sit as if in a bucket seat of a car.

Knowing those things has lead me over the years to come up with the design I will share here. It has not yet been built. I am trying to visualize it before I waste time and money on making a mess. I am sure I will still find a way, just I hope not on my bike build.

GOAL: Build a 4 wheel or 3 wheel handcycle for $500 - $1,000. Using NEW parts at what ever retail prices I can locate. Source bikes will be low cost Walmart mountain in name only bikes.

Why not just buy a used handcycle? Well I have had people claim you can find tons of used handcycles online for $500 to $1000. I found 2. And, one was a 7 speed, that sat me all wrong. Cost to modify to my needs $500 or more. The other was a tricycle style that had one or 3 speeds... It was about $1,000. Cost to modify was even more than the other.

  1. Affordable Handcycle Build

    The photos showing the 3D Model feature:

    1st design: 4 Wheel DUAL SEPARATE 21 speed drives. Using the back ends of 2 same bikes.

    Problem with this: Keeping the shifting in sync.

    Possible solution: Dual drive differential rear axle used by racing trikes or one to allow me to put on a 9 (21) speed cassette.

    I have an idea that could work I ...