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  2. Atomic Zombie following women's hockey team

    2010 Esso Cup, Regina, SK: Thunder Bay Queens - 2 vs. Regina Rebels - 1

    Watch the games live via Internet ($):

    Tomorrow's game: Edmonton Thunder vs. Thunder Bay Queens @ 6 pm ET (4 pm CT) : Go Queens!

    AtomicZombie is a proud sponsor of Thunder Bay Queens Midget AA hockey.
  3. Bicycle Freewheel Basics - Removal & Replacement

    Practically every bike, trike or quad you will make will require some kind of freewheel in the transmission system. A freewheel is basically a sprocket attached to a ratchet, allowing the transmission to drive the wheel in only one direction - much like a socket wrench. Without a freewheel on a bicycle, you would have to pedal at all times, never able to coast. This type of drive system is called a "fixed drive" or "fixie", and is often used for strength training on an upright bicycle, where the ...
  4. Safety issues - are we too paranoid?

    A recent issue posted on the AZ Builders forum:

    "I'm surprised in the Feb 2010 newsletter it shows a DeWalt grinder being used with a slitting wheel to cut a piece of sheet metal. It appears the grinder has no guard. Is this method considered safe? If that wheel shatters there could be serious injuries. Grinders are rather dangerous and removing guards seems wrong."

  5. Illinois bike builder says thanks

    This email from bike builder, John, in Illinois:


    Found your site last year and started hacking. I've been a bike rider for most my life now I'm building and riding my own creations.

    I've been showing at local bicycle shows and won two trophies last summer thanks to your inspiration.

    I just finished #6 and am showing it next Saturday. I also created a web site for my bikes
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