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  1. lost downloaded plans

    has anyone else lost their downloaded plans in the last week lost all of mine and dont know why
  2. Affordable Handcycle Build

    The photos showing the 3D Model feature:

    1st design: 4 Wheel DUAL SEPARATE 21 speed drives. Using the back ends of 2 same bikes.

    Problem with this: Keeping the shifting in sync.

    Possible solution: Dual drive differential rear axle used by racing trikes or one to allow me to put on a 9 (21) speed cassette.

    I have an idea that could work I ...
  3. double leg amputee

    I have a friend that has lost his legs and I thought a three wheel big would be a fun project to try building and riding for him. I have built the StreetFox Suspension Tadpole. I loved building it and riding it. Riding it diffidently puts me in different state of mind. I relax and listen to the music as I go on the trails.

    I am looking for different ideas. I am not sure if his legs with prosthetics will be strong enough to peddle so I would suggest motor assist to at lest ...
  4. My second build, a Spirit, well sort of!

    A new build for me, built from looking hard at the photos and builds here in the forums, with a bit of a twist, front suspension forks from a freecycle bike and a 700 wheel for the rear from an eBay find nearby, total cost so far £21.65

    I'll let the photos do the talking, at least this one fits into my alley workshop easier than the trike!!
    You'll have to right click the pics below to open them...

  5. Marauder to Delta Wolf

    Quote Originally Posted by gillyhoss View Post
    Where can I get the FDAX34, and DBAX34 adapters? Ialso need 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 inch hubs for my rear wheels. converting my marauder to Aurora trike. Thanks in advance.
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