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  1. Another 20" wheeled e-trike

    Hi Folks .

    I might have been quiet of late but another trike has come out of the garage .

    Any similarities to anything else is purely coincidental or even incidental .

    The past few months have been a mixture of car repairs , a new caravan ( and sorting it out ) , lots of triking holidays ,day rides and some home refurbishment , we still have a lot to do before I can spend more time building as we are trying to do more triking before the weather ...
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  2. senior citizen trike project

    Senior Citizen Trike
    by Mr Idaho


    1. A Delta style, easier to get on and off. 3 wheels for stability
    2. 4 x 26 rear wheels = appearance and smoother ride
    3. a 20 inch front wheel = appearance
    4. Low center of gravity
    5. Comfortable recumbent style seat
    6. Freewheel differential = lower cost than a purchased unit Differential will eliminate any tendency to drift left or right on gravel. The fat tires would
  3. 3 years in the life of a zombie Krew member

    Hi Folks

    It has been 3 interesting years since I joined Atomic Zombie and to be honest I feel I have come a long way in that time , after buying a second hand Trex trike in March 13 I found AZ .

    The trex was not a nice trike to ride at speeds over 15 mph and TBH it frightened me .
    If l had not found AZ then my triking experience would not have lasted more than a few weeks .

    It has been a long and eventful journey since then in developing the
  4. The start of another Warrior project!

    So, i've decided to start the build of a Warrior Trike.
    Running alongside my project, I have started a blog. Mainly so I have somewhere I can refer back to, if I decided to make another, but also on the off chance that someone out there may have the slightest bit of interest in seeing what i'm up to.
    I've created my site over on Weebly for now. I use their mobile app for updating a couple of websites that I run, so i've knocked a quick page up over there which allows me to quickly upload ...
  5. Is still an active website?

    Hello all! New member here. I just have a quick question. Does anyone know if there is something wrong with's web site? Every time I go to it, it takes forever to load. After about ten minutes or so, my patience runs out because the site doesn't load. So, I'm just wondering if its my computer or if its their web site or a server problem. Any information is greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards!