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  1. Will it work?

    I recently purchased plans for the Handcycle and found it uses 1.5" tubing. I have plenty of 2" tubing. Will this have an adverse affect on the build? I plan to give the trike away through my church so I have no idea who the ride will be.
  2. Recumbent Trike now custom Quad, looking for power

    Hi...! I'm Armadillozac, and I am new to this site, and I need some help, I was told that if I couldn't find the answers here it was impossible...
    OK..! Here's my delema, I am disabled, and I just received a Catrike Custom quad, with the help of my good friends, who did a couple of fundraisers for me, in order to pay for the quad...! Now the whole thing is this, I am supposed to be going to the Keys via this quad, and I will be towing behind me a sleep pod, in which I designed in order to ...
  3. A year in the life of the 20/20s

    Both the 20/20s are over a year old and have been in constant use from the start ( the 2014 zombie fest ) the concept has been good and the trikes have been away with us on several caravanning trips .


    During the winter Ken's trike ...
  4. Ammco Tricycles

    Can anyone tell me the address of "AMMCO"? I have just bought a 26" Adult Tricycle" "Free and Easy" as sold by an importing company here in UK. I did this with the intention of altering it to my own specification and to two wheel drive as per all the info I have found in Atomic Zombie. Thank you everyone. Now the importers are "Retail only"......yes only and will not not get engaged in supplying spare parts etc. but will refer you to various bike shops. ...
  5. freewheel hubs needed

    Quote Originally Posted by MrIdaho View Post
    I may have found what I need over at Bargain Basement bike parts

    hopefully the hubs will come apart to be able to make some 3/4" axle adapters.

    at $2.50 each but I need to add a $10 CC fee unless they take Paypal? going to call them today. Emailed but no response.

    OK just tell me I can't see but does each axle have one freewheel and one disk adapter?
    What did you discover about the axel size, any drilling ...