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  1. freewheel hubs needed

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    I may have found what I need over at Bargain Basement bike parts

    hopefully the hubs will come apart to be able to make some 3/4" axle adapters.

    at $2.50 each but I need to add a $10 CC fee unless they take Paypal? going to call them today. Emailed but no response.

    OK just tell me I can't see but does each axle have one freewheel and one disk adapter?
    What did you discover about the axel size, any drilling ...
  2. Project 1 : Fox - Completed (Almost !)

    Hi Folks,

    Well it has taken me 15 months ….. From a beginning of having never picked up a MIG welder before; only ever having done metalwork at school when I was thirteen I have created a Zombie !

    My Street Fox trike is complete. Well almost, I have yet to fit the front mudguards and decide the final cable routing for the brake and gear cables. But I just had to share.

    From this …… a pile of donor bike parts

  3. Project 1 - Fox Painting

    Hi All,

    Finally some good weather here in the UK. Summer almost started a few weeks back, then stalled. Well at least it is warm enough to do some painting.

    So I dusted down the air brush and got some rattle cans of primer.

    Safety first, Etch Primer is nasty stuff !

    That's all for now.

    In a week ...
  4. Design Change Ideas wanted

    Already made the Warrior Tadpole, fun to make more fun to ride, sadly now scrapped thanks to a darling driver coming out a driveway without looking.
    So, no I want to do a Tomahawk SWB but with a 26 inch front and back set up, not the plan 26inch back 20inch front
    Anyone got ideas on sensible mods to get this configuration, so far all I have in my brain is to raise the back angle on the forks to match in, or ad an extension to the back forks to compensate for the height, I like the seating ...
  5. different size wheels

    Can anyone tell me why most of the recumbents, and low racers use different size wheels (e.g. 20" front, 26" rear)
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