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  1. Looooong Stroll

    Today we decided to go for a two-hour walk. We had a destination in mind so it wasn't just an aimless stroll. We kept a pretty brisk pace.

    It was a weird day - one minute rain, then sun, then freezing rain - just couldn't make up its mind.

    My shin is a bit sore, but I'm sure that tomorrow and the next day will mean more sore muscles. It was a good walk. Nice to get out of the house and breathe some fresh spring air. Early to bed tonight for sure.

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  2. Lazy Sunday

    It's actually too cold outside to do much yardwork. Did spread some grass seed around in bare patches. I'm sure the birds will gobble up alot of it. Oh well, they have to eat, too.

    It's overcast, almost feels cold enough to snow. Ugh. One of those days you just want to curl up in a blanket with a good book or old movies and veg out. Maybe that's what I'll do for the rest of the afternoon. Not feeling motivated to do much of anything.

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  3. recovering from a great loss

    somthing none of you may know about me is that ive been around music all my life. My dad played the recorder, my grand mother the panio and sang, my sisters the clarnet, one of them the bass clarnet, me I played the trombone, tuba, and the celo(for 1 year) and i sing baritone/bass.

    Whell my freinds anf family just took a big loss, the man who influinced both my sisters the most musicaly died. He not only tought them in school, he had three bands going that they played in. he was a
  4. Being a tourist in my home town - the Finnish district

    This morning had an excellent breakfast at the Hoito Restaurant - Finnish pancakes, eggs and coffee. Walked along the Bay-Algoma area and went into some shops specializing in Finnish gifts and housewares. Got myself a good chopping knife and sharpening rod at the Kitchen Nook . First time I've ever bought a quality knife. I almost choked at the price, but it's guaranteed for life. If I ever have a problem, just return it to the store.

    Walked down the street to Bay Quality Meats ...

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  5. Welcome to my personal blog!

    Hope to add something regularly every day or so, just some musings and other life things.

    Tonight, Brad spent hours backing up, checking and double-checking this software upgrade. Good thing his instincts are strong. There were instructions that didn't make sense and he followed his gut instead, saving us from losing the entire thing. It could have been disastrous.

    The new members blog feature will be enabled and we will monitor it closely.

    All ...

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