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  1. hub motor vs mid drive

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    I would like to thank all those who answered my plea for help. The responses raised things I would not have thought about.

    I should tell you a bit about myself.
    As a grandfather of 7 with a serious balance issue, I am not in to extreme sports and my needs are rather humble.
    I am building what is essentially a Timber wolf recumbent delta trike. Typically my excursions are in the 5-10 km range to run errands. Occasionally I get on the Trans Canada Trail and do a 40-50 km
  2. lost in the shop

    [QUOTE=LongRider;96953]Usually we can't read minds so posting a question WILL help to get you answers.
    Welcome, tell us a little about yourself. We are a friendly, helpful bunch.]

    Sorry, may have jumped the gun, posted on warrior site, (I think) & dates were over a yr old.

    I'm building my 1st trike from scratch, about to configure front axle, had some questions about caster, camber & ackermann, think I've got enough information to continue, if this works ...
  3. Project 1 - Light / Bottle Mount

    Hi Folks,
    Not much progress here because I am waiting for the UK weather to warm up so that I can strip down the frame and paint it. So frustrating ….. But I have had a chance to get a few miles on the clock just to be sure I do not need to change anything.

    So I've made a bracket for the front light / water bottle from some scrap handle bar off a donor bike.

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  4. Full Front Fork Tadpole trike

    I want to try to build a full front fork tadpole trike. something quick and affordable. A trike that a person can enjoy without the cost of special hubs or axles, and fast to put together.
    .....shall we begin?
  5. Hello from Maryland. USA.

    My name is John.

    I am very excited to join the forum and share ideas and information.

    I have many talents but not a master of any of them. Does that sound familiar? I am probably considered eclectic in social environments.

    Well, enough about me. I'd like to hear from you about your projects. Your pictures and stories about what you've built and where to ride.

    My Bucket list is as follows.....

    1. Learn to weld. Round tube ...