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  1. My First trike, front wheel drive, rear wheel steer, a building story

    My first build story...

    In the beginning it all started with a few lengths of metal...

    Plus a good ebay find of scrap bikes...

  2. Marauder to Delta Wolf

    Quote Originally Posted by gillyhoss View Post
    Thank you in advance for reading my post.
    I completed my first build with the Marauder 2wheeler.O peration successful. just one glitch: I cant ride my own creation! No matter what I've tried, from t raining wheels to having someone running alongside and with one hand on the bike, I can't balance the machine and so I crash.
    My solution is to convert my Marauder to a trike. Has anyone accomplished such a feat? My goal is to keep the Marauder"as built" from the front wheel
  3. 3 years with the voyager e-trike

    Hi folks post 16 from the original thread till today - almost 3 years to the day from one of the first shakedown rides to Shoreham beach .
    Temperatures were about 2 deg C today and the ten mile round trip meant that I never got warm . mainly the arms and finger tips got cold , still a good way to remember when the trike was "new "

    Hi Folks

    Now with 50 odd miles under its belt the trike is still running well , I have put 3 or 4 full charges ...
  4. front suspension

    Hi everyone

    Can anyone give me a good reason why I cannot use suspension fork in replacement of normal setup for a Trike .

    I was thinking of just using a standard bike forks setting them up with the 80 degree caster and there you have it front suspension …. But maybe I am missing something.

    It may not look as good but beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Something like this [IMG][/IMG] ...
  5. I am a Newbee- where to begin building ?

    I am a newbee here. I have 12 bikes I saved from the landfill dump. I like the trikes. But can not download plans. How can I get plans without downloading. I have no printer ! Thanks
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