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  1. Design Change Ideas wanted

    Already made the Warrior Tadpole, fun to make more fun to ride, sadly now scrapped thanks to a darling driver coming out a driveway without looking.
    So, no I want to do a Tomahawk SWB but with a 26 inch front and back set up, not the plan 26inch back 20inch front
    Anyone got ideas on sensible mods to get this configuration, so far all I have in my brain is to raise the back angle on the forks to match in, or ad an extension to the back forks to compensate for the height, I like the seating ...
  2. different size wheels

    Can anyone tell me why most of the recumbents, and low racers use different size wheels (e.g. 20" front, 26" rear)
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  3. Shipping costs really ruin my online shopping exerience!

    I stopped by a local shop today to see if they carried the tie rod ends for the steering linkage. Turns out they had only one left in the 3/8" size I was after but could have the other one in tomorrow. So I bought it, it was $18.06 after taxes. When I got home, I snooped around online to see how much these things go for online...turns out that the prices for them isn't all that bad-if you lived in the US, where the shipping isn't too bad-but ship to Canada, then it quickly becomes ...
  4. hub motor vs mid drive

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    I would like to thank all those who answered my plea for help. The responses raised things I would not have thought about.

    I should tell you a bit about myself.
    As a grandfather of 7 with a serious balance issue, I am not in to extreme sports and my needs are rather humble.
    I am building what is essentially a Timber wolf recumbent delta trike. Typically my excursions are in the 5-10 km range to run errands. Occasionally I get on the Trans Canada Trail and do a 40-50 km
  5. lost in the shop

    [QUOTE=LongRider;96953]Usually we can't read minds so posting a question WILL help to get you answers.
    Welcome, tell us a little about yourself. We are a friendly, helpful bunch.]

    Sorry, may have jumped the gun, posted on warrior site, (I think) & dates were over a yr old.

    I'm building my 1st trike from scratch, about to configure front axle, had some questions about caster, camber & ackermann, think I've got enough information to continue, if this works ...