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  1. Ammco Tricycles

    Can anyone tell me the address of "AMMCO"? I have just bought a 26" Adult Tricycle" "Free and Easy" as sold by an importing company here in UK. I did this with the intention of altering it to my own specification and to two wheel drive as per all the info I have found in Atomic Zombie. Thank you everyone. Now the importers are "Retail only"......yes only and will not not get engaged in supplying spare parts etc. but will refer you to various bike shops. ...
  2. freewheel hubs needed

    Quote Originally Posted by MrIdaho View Post
    I may have found what I need over at Bargain Basement bike parts

    hopefully the hubs will come apart to be able to make some 3/4" axle adapters.

    at $2.50 each but I need to add a $10 CC fee unless they take Paypal? going to call them today. Emailed but no response.

    OK just tell me I can't see but does each axle have one freewheel and one disk adapter?
    What did you discover about the axel size, any drilling ...
  3. Project 1 : Fox - Completed (Almost !)

    Hi Folks,

    Well it has taken me 15 months ….. From a beginning of having never picked up a MIG welder before; only ever having done metalwork at school when I was thirteen I have created a Zombie !

    My Street Fox trike is complete. Well almost, I have yet to fit the front mudguards and decide the final cable routing for the brake and gear cables. But I just had to share.

    From this …… a pile of donor bike parts

  4. Project 1 - Fox Painting

    Hi All,

    Finally some good weather here in the UK. Summer almost started a few weeks back, then stalled. Well at least it is warm enough to do some painting.

    So I dusted down the air brush and got some rattle cans of primer.

    Safety first, Etch Primer is nasty stuff !

    That's all for now.

    In a week ...
  5. Design Change Ideas wanted

    Already made the Warrior Tadpole, fun to make more fun to ride, sadly now scrapped thanks to a darling driver coming out a driveway without looking.
    So, no I want to do a Tomahawk SWB but with a 26 inch front and back set up, not the plan 26inch back 20inch front
    Anyone got ideas on sensible mods to get this configuration, so far all I have in my brain is to raise the back angle on the forks to match in, or ad an extension to the back forks to compensate for the height, I like the seating ...