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  1. TumbleWeed Almost Done!

  2. It can't rain all the time

    Hi Folks

    Through out the past year , there has been a few comments about the signature on my posts.

    I have been using this on all the forums I visit

    In-case you had not see it here is where it came from
    It was spoken by Eric Draven in the cemetery

    Can't rain all the time :-

    A phrase that is spoken in the movie The Crow. It means that even in the darkest of times light will eventually find its way through. Usually ...
  3. winding paths

    I wondered if anyone would like to start a support group for use WELL ROUNDED builders & riders. We could share build ideas& mods to help us well rounded people who may weigh more and support each other in are paths down weight loss &being more active. I'm sure I'm not the only one I know I could use it
  4. Looking for Accomplished "builder" for help with 'builds'

    Frustrated customer;

    I built 3 frames back in 2009 and 2010 - one variation of the warrior which I actually completed and have ridden several times - one other, wheels chain managment etc. incomplete......the 3rd frame complete have parts wheels etc - and many collected parts - my own designs etcetera.

    I abandoned projects for lack of time -

    Looking for accomplished "builder" (I guess it could fall into the catagory of bikes, trikes, motorcycles, ...
  5. Atomic Zombies Uk

    I have just signed to the Atomic Zombies uk group and posted some pictures of my cargo bike and trailer in the atomic zombies gallery....I have posted a picture in the gallery and on my facebook page-Neil MacPherson