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  • Making a pair of homemade tadpole trike mudguards using sink waste pipe
    A bike builder shares her innovative solution

    Riding a bike in the rain and sleet isn't fun when you're constantly showered with spray from the tires. Emma Wheatland discovered that finding mudguards for her homebuilt recumbent trike wasn't possible. So, in true build-it-yourself spirit, Wheatland figured out how to design and fabricate guards for her trike out of plastic pipes commonly used in plumbing. She shares details of the project and some of the challenges she faced along the way. The results are stunning. Read more>>
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      Nice job.
      Another option for PVC forming is to pop it in an oven at around 70°C for 5-6 minutes, it will then be very flexible, and can easily be 'draped' over (or into) any former.
      Best to sit it on a flat (upside down) baking tray, so it's easier to handle, the hot tray also keeps the heat in the PVC for longer while you transfer it from the oven to the former.

      I prefer this method to using a heat gun, the PVC is heated uniformly, and there's no chance of over-heating it.
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