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  • Gravity Bike racer - England, UK
    John "Doc" Warner shares some photos of his modified bicycle for Gravity Bike competitions. Named "Hee-Bee GB II", Doc built the gravity bike for a competition this past May.

    What is a gravity bike?

    A modified bicycle with a frame that's low to the ground to reduce wind resistance and the center of gravity. It has narrow handlebars, no pedals or chains, front and back disc brakes, knee rests and long foot pegs so the rider stretches out horizontally.

    The goal is to descend steep downhill courses to reach insane speeds, often exceeding 90mph. This extreme sport has been gaining popularity worldwide for more than three decades and Gravity Bike races are held around the world.

    Competitors wear helmets (some races require full-face), leathers, speed suits, gloves, footwear, and elbow and knee pads. According to Doc, "It's a great sport, very cheap (to build and compete), fantastic fun, and very accessible to all abilities and ages. Perfect for DIY/home-builders. You can build a competitive bike for around £60/$100 (but) you can, of course, spend less, or much more.

    "This is my first Gravity Bike build. I made it earlier this year to enter the 2014 Penn House Gravity GP and finished second overall (Streamlined Buggy beat me by just over a second)."

    See more pictures of Doc's Gravity Bike in the builders gallery.
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    Welcome cloakable.
    You'll find many answers from the members of this forum. The member Twinkle has many builds to her credit and the plans from

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    I built a cross between a streetfox and a delta a couple of years ago - see the "quadem project"

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