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  • Building a Front Wheel Drive recumbent lowracer - England
    Ian W. Swindells (forum member swizz69) always wanted a recumbent bicycle. Researching online brought him to the AtomicZombie builders forum. After learning about the Warrior Tadpole Trike, Swindells was motivated to design and build a Front Wheel Drive recumbent lowracer. In a feature article for the AZ newsletter, Swindells discusses the project and the challenges along the way. Read his story>>
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      The Cat -
      Have you seen the pedal-powered Escargot boat that could be used as a narrow canal boat? Think it is from an American boat builder. I may have copied the article sometime last year or the year before this would be a project a family could tackle. Over the weekend I may have a change to look for the article and post on forum.
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      jrich -
      Did the turning wheel cause trouble with the drive chain and the chain bending?
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      darnthedog -
      Quote Originally Posted by jrich View Post
      Did the turning wheel cause trouble with the drive chain and the chain bending?
      This article was frolm 2 years ago and you may not get a responce. Plus it was an article not a posting so it may not have been a member of the site. Just an FYI
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    Ok thanks, hopefully I can come up with something before that but keep me updated. I'm just getting back into the bike thing but so far I'm enjoying it.

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    Last year I fell for a gal. And allowed

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    Hi Pegasus, yes I understand that the heating approach works well if you have the equipment and can do it safely without burning the place down ;-)

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