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  • Wheel Bearing Service Bicycle Repair Tutorial
    Learn to lubricate and setup your cup and cone wheel bearings. Keep your DIY recumbent bike running like clockwork. This tutorial includes 45 high resolution photos and 9 high definition videos.

    Although most of your bicycle pedaling efforts will be thrown to the wind (literally), some of your energy will be eating up by friction from moving parts such as bearings, chain links, and even the compression of the tires on the road.

    Bearing friction does not account for much of your power loss as long as your bearings are in good working order and properly lubricated. This basic tutorial will show you how to remove, clean, reinstall, and then set the clearance on your bicycle hub bearings for optimal performance. Here, I will be using a 20 inch BMX from wheel with a 14mm axle, but this tutorial can be applied to any front or rear bicycle wheel that uses the very common cone and cup style bearings.

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      darnthedog -
      Thanks for the new tutorial Brad and Kat- Looks great.
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    After trying out a Tourmaster I would think the smaller front wheel would be slightly easier to flip back and forth to keep balanced. Smaller wheels

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    Re: Building a Marauder

    Sounds like a nice project. Keep us updated.

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    Re: Good evening from Sweden

    Welcome to the fun from the other side of the pond as Twinkle would say.

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    Re: Good evening from Sweden


    What sort of traffic do you meet on the ride to work ?

    As twinkle said LWB can be harder to start off

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