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  • Three Go Dutch: The Trike Touring Tale of a Touring "Noob" - Part 1
    Left to Right, Danny Clarke, John Price, Paul Needham.

    By Danny Clarke, AtomicZombie builders forum

    This "trip report" cannot truly convey the sheer fun that I had on this my first ever cycling tour in the wonderful cycling heaven that is Holland.

    It had been casually mooted between us (John Price (Sandman) and me (DannyC)) in conversation during the 2015 Zombie-Fest that we could be brave and take our home-made trikes across to Holland for a long-weekend for some fun in the world's most bike-friendly country which seemed like a good idea, so we made plans accordingly.

    As the due date got closer and word of our intention spread to more northern reaches of the UK (where men wear flat-caps and keep racing pigeons and small racing dogs), a third AZ member, Paul Needham, (Stormbird) enquired whether there was any room for an additional person to join the party. Hardly had the word “Yes” been uttered when a follow-up question, "Wouldn't it be better to go for longer to make the most of all the costs involved?" arose.

    Subsequently, I found myself explaining to my wife that what I had sold to her as a "long-weekend" was now an eight-day adventure.

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    1. DannyC's Avatar
      DannyC -
      I can't get to the article on the link Kat.
      Can anyone else?
    1. bambuko's Avatar
      bambuko -
      yes, works OK
    1. Twinkle's Avatar
      Twinkle -
      Both work
      Regards Emma
    1. darnthedog's Avatar
      darnthedog -
      Great write up Danny- I had no issue linking to it from this post.
    1. sandman's Avatar
      sandman -
      its scary to see it was so long ago, must be time I head out that way again, but first a paragliding trip in Turkey then Croatia, then lets see what happens.
      Touring on a trike with friends is probably the best experience one can have
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    Re: Is tilting the answer ?

    Hi Paul

    After played the video a few times my impression is

    1 This is not a tilting trike, not even a python. It has a steerer

    pegasus Today, 04:09 AM Go to last post

    Re: Is tilting the answer ?

    Hi Paul.

    I've edited my comment in the meanwhile
    Main reason he fell is the gravel on the road made his front wheel (the only one

    Jon_Doe Today, 03:03 AM Go to last post

    Re: Is tilting the answer ?

    Yes there are several flavours of tilt , his is the only one I know of using a single pivot like that.

    I am unsure about tilt stops , when

    stormbird Today, 03:00 AM Go to last post

    Re: Is tilting the answer ?

    Hi Paul.

    He fell over for a very simple reason : the front wheel, which is the only thing offering some grip and limiting the tilting slipped

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