DIY Bike and Trike Plans


My second build, a Spirit, well sort of!

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A new build for me, built from looking hard at the photos and builds here in the forums, with a bit of a twist, front suspension forks from a freecycle bike and a 700 wheel for the rear from an eBay find nearby, total cost so far £21.65

I'll let the photos do the talking, at least this one fits into my alley workshop easier than the trike!!
You'll have to right click the pics below to open them...


  1. Cambiker71's Avatar
    Front brakes done and working, front derailleur also on and working so it was time for a rather wobbly test ride! I've found very quickly that it's best to lean back and only lightly steer instead of pulling on the bars (see first video for frantic handlebar waggling on starting off!!)

  2. Cambiker71's Avatar
    Second video, I've begun to relax a bit here so (mildly) less wobbly

  3. Cambiker71's Avatar
    Full set of build photos, sorry photobucket was holding the previous links to ransom so i'm using flickr instead now!
  4. weldedride's Avatar
    Nice bike, like the way you took it for a test ride under cover of darkness