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double leg amputee

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I have a friend that has lost his legs and I thought a three wheel big would be a fun project to try building and riding for him. I have built the StreetFox Suspension Tadpole. I loved building it and riding it. Riding it diffidently puts me in different state of mind. I relax and listen to the music as I go on the trails.

I am looking for different ideas. I am not sure if his legs with prosthetics will be strong enough to peddle so I would suggest motor assist to at lest get up the hills. I have also seen bikes at some shows that you move with your hands. I am not sure I can make such a trike.

Does anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. Twinkle's Avatar
    look for markc threads he has built some interesting hand cranked deltas with assist
  2. Ben8325's Avatar
    Thank you for your help!