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The photos showing the 3D Model feature:

1st design: 4 Wheel DUAL SEPARATE 21 speed drives. Using the back ends of 2 same bikes.

Problem with this: Keeping the shifting in sync.

Possible solution: Dual drive differential rear axle used by racing trikes or one to allow me to put on a 9 (21) speed cassette.

I have an idea that could work I think:

Using a solid axle, mount 3 freewheel hubs to the axle. Under power they move you along. They engage while pedaling, and when turning the ends go freewheel outer most tire. The other wheel will be moving slower and thus stay in powered mode I hope. The third will connect to the hand cranks and shifting to be done off that one.

This is just a thought. Anyone ever try this and if so how does it work out?

In my two other designs:

Trike modified to be lower to the ground for better turning. One wheel front that also drives and steers. Using the rear triangle of one of the two source bikes.

This is a rather straight forward build idea overall. I dislike the style however. But, it is the most possible to work for my case.

Third idea: Tadpole trike. To wheels out front, and the rear one drives. Overall I like the style better than the one wheel out front.

Another overall fairly easy design.

Not matter what one of these I build my cost will be between $340 to $450.

If you are worried about weight, don't be. I am used to towing behind my manual wheelchair one wagon, and one trailer all together.

Dry weight: wheelchair 20 pounds - first wagon 80 pounds - the trailer weighs 85 pounds. So that is my starting weight minus me 221 pounds. I then proceed to load those two up with gravel, mulch, landscape bricks and anything else I find in my yard. Then tow it all across my yard. So if the weight of my build out of steel being about 70 pounds or more bugs you... Please, don't worry.

So the one issue I have is I love the four wheel look. The handling would be nicer also I think.

I can't test any handcycles except the granny style trikes and I sadly hated them. fell over turning to fast... hence my aversion to one wheel front.

I would buy one of the premade axles but dang it, they are costly. But, my idea would be also with three free spin hubs...

What design do toy like the best, and why?

If you use one of the styles I am thinking of what are the pros and cons of it? Any tips on how to avoid anything that annoys you, or just bugs you...

I am open to ideas and discussion on this, it has not yet been started. I am only visualizing in my 3D program to work out the basic kinks.