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Electric peddle assist

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Hi I have built the Street Fox trike and like riding it. I recently bought a rear motor for the bike to electrify it. The kit came with a motor, controller, hand breaks, and the Peddle assist.
My question is will the peddle assist work without a signal from an lcd display that did not come with the kit? The kit is from costway model SP35448 with very poor instructions. I understand that I would not be able to change to different assist modes without an LCD controller but will it work at all?

Anyone done this before?
Thanks for any input.
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  1. Twinkle's Avatar
    Most of these controllers require a lcd to be fitted or some hard wiring to replace it - as the swictch is via the lcd there is a minimum of 2 wires to fit .

    It should work in basic form - BMS battery in china supply a good system ( LESS HUB ) with LCD at a sensible price - I bought 2 sets from them as it reduced carraige .

    regards emma