went camping last weekend and it poured down rain first night. Well we set up our tent and find that the rain fly was not in the tent storage bag.
My wife and I wonder if any more camping is in our future.
We stopped by an RV store and a new teardrop trailer is $10k+
being a cheap innovative sort got doing some research and most DIY camp trailers are using a Harbor Freight 4 x 8 trailer and adding plywood etc.
Well wanting a cheap and light weight camp trailer I was wondering if anyone has seen or built a SOF camp trailer?
I have several yards of Dacron fabric for a pontoon boat I started and seeing how WW1 airplanes use a SOF construction but used canvas.
My thinking is build a frame from 1 x 2 lumber then skin with Dacron fabric (SOF boats) then coat with several coats of varnish or poly?
WW1 planes went faster than 55 mph so maybe it is doable??
would be cheaper and lighter than buying Luaun door skins.