And now the desperation sets in.
I somehow managed to screw up my left leg today (pulled something starting at my Achilles tendon, shooting up to the back of my knee) and can no longer put weight on my left leg, e.g. I can't walk anymore. I figured I had a least another year or two before I completely lost mobility, looks like I was wrong. I say "somehow", but I know how. It's because I always end up putting most of my weight on my left leg when I walk, to try and ease the pain in my right leg. And, because it's my "luck", anything I do to ease one pain always creates another.
Dear Zod, the rage involved in trying to get around this tiny shithole apartment, even in my undersized transport wheelchair! Because why make hallways and bathrooms wheelchair accessible, right? *sighsob*

I need a Recumbent Trike/Transport Wheelchair now even more, not for use inside, but to be able to get around outside at all. I'm essentially permanently housebound as of today.

I don't know what to do anymore. I just don't know.