The time has come that I must give up the Huffy. I am moving out of the church I have been staying in soon (August 16th), and cannot take it with me. It is mostly disassembled, and all of the parts are stored in the box my Kent was shipped in. This should make giving it away much easier. The box is large, but will fit in a pickup bed, station wagon or SUV. I don't think a shipping company will come to pick it up and I cannot take it to them, so I am having to ask if someone in this forum lives close enough to me to feel it worth their time and effort to come pick it up.

If I don't find a taker I will be forced to throw it out and let someone else take it to a recycler for the metal. I don't like this idea, as there is much of good metal in this trike and it could serve someone well for parts, and I don't like the idea of throwing anything out that could be re-purposed.

I live in Van Nuys, California. If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss the specifics of location and date/time you can pick it up.