I'm still tinkering with the Tourer.
Today's Progress was the manufacture of a battery rack.
The battery I have is a very large 20AH pouch-cell BRICK. Its works well and delivers 30 or more miles on a single charge.
The smaller size of the tourer compared to the 26" rear end of the Wonky-Donkey means that I have limited places to mount a battery.
Try as I might I cannot find a way/space to mount 2 such batteries so I have opted to mount this one as low as I can (while keeping it from physical harm).

The rack will be a "cushioned-fit" around the square tube of the backrest and behind the seat. A pair of securing lugs for an M8 QR bolt are all that remains to be done.

All of the rack was made from flatstock formed first into angle-irons and then a "C" or "U" channel. Filler was only used to tack things together and to attach the "Arms" that hold the battery.
All other seams are purely fusion welded.