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Question on how you did it. Not telling you how.
Did you weld a full tube then cut? Or did you weld 4 individual pieces to each end? Also are the clamping tube threaded or hollow? Or it one hollow and one threaded?

Many different ways to skin a cat- But I was curious how you did yours. One day when I get back to it, I may want to build some clamps like that.
Hi Bruce,

  • I cut 2 pieces of 12mm rod.
  • Rifle-bored a hole through the centre with the pillar drill.
  • Ran a long M6 tap through both pieces.
  • Filed the profile of the larger tube out on each one with a 1/2 round file.
  • Clamped them across the larger tube, tacked either end then welded the joined faces.
  • Cut the slot.

However, 1st time I tried the clamping it was clear the welding had failed.
So, I cut everything off and did it again, but properly . I am happy to say this is now totally solid.