The previous thread was corrupted with all sorts of side-alleys so i am starting again.

Having enjoyed my taste of "touring" this year I thought I would try to build a better touring machine.

I at last have a date for surgery to repair the damage that was done to my shoulder in May this year (gotta love the NHS when you write them a legal sounding letter).

The repair surgery is scheduled for the 17th of November and so I should probably get my thumb out and make some progress on the new trike.

In a complete departure from the current trike I am going IGH only on the rear-wheel, no cassette (or VHS/BetaMax) but I will be modifying the BAFANG mid-drive with a double chain-ring on of 52-36 to get me some decent Gear-Inches to make up for the lack of the rear 3 x 8 cluster I currently have). The 3 x 8 has to go because I cannot get it to handle the loads imposed by me and the Bafang.

  • Round-tube 1 3/4 (45mm) main frame.
  • 20-20 front/rear
  • lower than today's trike
  • Optional rear suspension (solid/spring link) with rear pivot-point.
  • Disc brakes all round (rear as a parking disc only).
  • mesh seat is a must
  • USS but not the AZ StreetFox style single link and tie-bar.
  • Narrow track (30")
  • SWB (c.43")
  • Swearing (UK Term)
  • Cussing(US Term)

I will let you all know how I get on..... in due course.