If I understand correctly, Brad and Kat haven't been able to focus on AZ as much as they would like owing to the need to hold down full time jobs to pay the bills. I sympathize! I am super impressed with what they've done so far, though, and will do my best to send business their way. Looking forward to getting my first AZ build - a Timberwolf, done. Last evening I got most of the tubes for the rear section cut.

Thanks Brad and Kat! And thanks to the rest of the Zombies that came before -I've been studying your examples as I start to build.


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At the bottom of each post, there's a "Report Post" icon should you wish to bring a particular issue to our attention. I will receive an email directly regarding that post.

We both work full-time and don't always have access to Internet. Thanks for your concern and care; however, let's refrain from name-calling and jumping to conclusions and assumptions, despite best intentions to protect each other.

It's frustrating not being able to dedicate all of our time to the things that we'd really like to do, such as expanding the AZ community and getting more plans, tutorials and videos out there for our dedicated community.

Maybe my lottery ticket will be a winner this week.

Much love and respect.

Lunch break is over...