Ok time to revisit this with fresh ideas ?

Another camping holiday in Holland over and talk again of cycle camping without trailers.

I was previously restrained by wanting to use a orange bag that came with my single wheeled trailer , well I realised that the bag could be replaced by 2 panniers this had the following good points :-

a)Bag wasn't water proof
b) it needed a large area as it was probably as long as 3/4 panniers
c) meant every thing inside was in a jumbled up mess [ as my companions found when their trailers were ' just ' a huge box ]

So large orange bag replaced by 2 x 20 litre Ortleib panniers they are water proof and give far more versatility the tent will have to be carried outside but it has a waterproof bag anyway and it will be a good exercise in slimming down my stuff !

This means I have more flexibility with the suspension mounting ? however as the main boom is only 5" from the floor I cannot mount it underneath as first planned , so I have come up with a sort of reverse Python suspension ?

The timber represents some 30mm x 30mm x 1.5mm [ same as main frame].

a)I suspect the forces are bending of the longer horizontal member and so I will add some inside cheeks fitted vertically and plug welded from the outside
b) wanting to push the whole thing towards the right hence the shorter angled piece ? although this may just be a pair of 25mm x 3mm plates instead as I want the area to the right of this to house the tent effectively under the seat.

Where the bolt goes through each square tube I will put a anti crush sleeve in , the bolt show is 12mm however it is slightly to short so I will have to buy a longer one or do some fancy welding.

The distance between the centre of the bolt and the centre of the pivot is 3.5" [ about 90mm ]

Anyone see any flaws in this plan ?

or anyway to improve it ?

I realise a elastomer would be about 1/2 the height of the spring , however I have 7 or more springs of different rating and would have to buy the elastomer ?

The long top horizontal member may also be drilled and have horizontal anti crush tubes near the vertical member to give somewhere for the seat to mount ? or maybe they should be as close as possible to the spring to counter act the forces ?

So seat is blue line , tent is green blob and red line seat top/rear stays ?

thanks for looking...