Hi all

My Python trike MK1 is suffering as due to various changes being made to it over the last few years have resulted in a very hard ride ?

Moving from low pressure MTB tyres to Schwalbe higher pressure tyres
Changing the rear seat mount from a cantilever [ that flexed but was bending over time ] to a vertical strut
Already having :-

very short wheel base
hardshell seat


It looks like this :-

This picture show the Mk1 trike on the right with rear frame and cantilever seat support , however on the left is the beginnings of the Mk2 trike that can fasten to the Mk1 front end ?

So it dawned on me that it looks remarkable similar to the Aurora or Timberwolf? trike's rear end ? [ I have both the plans although only look at the Aurora so far.]

So as the two parts are not yet fastened together I could incorporate Brads suspension into the Python Mk2 rear and increase the wheelbase by between 6" and 12" both increasing the ride comfort and adding suspension at the same time.

Obviously independent rear suspension would be idea however this would be a quick and easy fix as half of the rear frame is already built , just need to transfer front half and seat and it is ridable.

So do you Zombie builders think the suspension is worth having and does a reasonable job of improving the ride ?

I will loose the ability to get it in the car in one piece , the reason for the SWB in the first place , however it is ridden maybe 4-5 times a week and put in the car maybe 2-3 times a year. With a bit more work it can be separated at the pivot and would then fit in the car or I modify my towball mount bike rack and carry it on that ? it only weighs about 20 KG and the rack is rated for 3 bikes IIRC